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Module 10

Unit 1 This is his head教学设计



1)掌握并巩固身体部位的词汇:head, arm, hand, leg, foot等,以及运用此句型:This is +人称物主代词+名词。

2)能口头运用Point to your head,这类语句发出指令,并能根据指令指出相应的身体部位。

3)能口头运用This is his head.这类语句谈论基本身体部位。




本课的重点是掌握人体各部位的词汇,难点是运用简单的句型进行描述以及hand与 head的发音。



Ⅰ:Warm up (热身复习)

1. Divide the class into four groups.(把它们分成4组)

T: Hello, boys and girls. Now listen to me. Let’s divide our class into four groups.

This is group1/2/3/4. If you are the winner, you can get some sweets.

Ok, come on. Ready?

Ss: Ready, go.

2. Greetings.问候

Class begins.

Good afternoon, boys and girls.(Good afternoon!)

How are you ? (I’m fine, thank you. And how are you ?)

I’m fine too, thank you. Sit down, please.

3. Sing a song.唱歌(课件播放歌曲)


T:Let’s sing “Please Stand Up” song, OK?

Ss: OK! (唱歌,做动作)

T: You’re very good! One star for every group.

Ⅱ: Presentation新课呈现

1. Learning new words. 学习新单词

(1).Look here ,(课件)T:What’s this? This is a pen . This is a pencil.This is a desk.This is a chair.

(2)T:what’s this?(book)

T:This is my book.

This is my pen. (教师同时拿起自己的书、钢笔)

T:Who can introduce your anything just like this?

S1:This is my pencil.(举起自己的铅笔)

T: This is his pencil.(教师重复句子,同时出示his的单词卡片)

S2: This is my pen.(举起自己的钢笔)

T: This is his pen.

T: You’re very good!

T: Today I invite an old friend, guess who he is? (出示熊猫的身体部位,教师引导学生说)

T: Yes, he’s a panda. His name is Panpan.

Now let’s introduce the panda’s body. Look, What’s this? (出示熊猫的图片) T:Yes, This is his head. Listen and repeat. Head.

Ss: head.

T:This is his head.

Ss: This is his head.


2. 出示熊猫图,用What’s this?询问身体部位。

3. Guess(奥特曼图)猜身体部位。

4. 出示一休图继续练习身体部位单词。



T:I have a wonderful chant, let’s read, ok?出示课件chant (Head head head This is his head.

Hand hand hand This is his arm.

Arm arm arm This is his hand.

Leg leg leg This is his leg.

Foot foot foot This is his foot.)

T: Let’s chant together, ok?(教师加上动作领读)

Ss:(say chant)

T: girls chant. (very good!)

T: boys chant.

T:You’re wonderful!

Ⅲ: New lesson

1: Listen and answer the question.实物投影出示课文

T:Open your books, turn to page 56.

1)T:Listen , point, and answer the questions:

A: What does Daming see?

B: Which part of Panpan can Daming see first?

2)T:Listen, point and repeat.

2: Read the dialogue in text book. 自由读文并展示

T: Now read by yourself and then show it, ok?

Ⅳ: Practice 练习

Listen and act. (在小组间进行听音做动作比赛。)

T:Now children. Let’s play a game.Do you like to play a game? Ss:Yes.

1. listen and point教师发指令 ,学生做动作。(出示课件) T: Ok, Now I say and you point.

T:Point to your ?.(head/leg/foot/arm/hand)

T: Point to your...and your...

2. say and point指名学生发指令,其余同学做动作并说句子, 3

T:Next, Let’s do it like this. One student say .and the others say and do. S1:Point to your head/...

Ss: This is my head/ ...

T: Who want to show?/Who want to try?

3.Look and say.

4.Look and match.


Ⅴ: Summary and assessment 总结和评价

1.Sum up(总结) the new words and sentence of this class.


T:What do you think about in this class? Let’s count the stars. Group is the winner. You all get one stick after class.

3.Animals are our friends, so love pandas, love animals.(动物是我们的朋友, 因此保护熊猫,爱护我们动物)

Ⅵ: Homework家庭作业




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