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一 根据汉语意思写出下列单词。(10分)

1. 参观 2 飞机 3 大海 4 游泳衣

5 明天 6来自 7起床 8坐飞机

1. She’s going to

2. I’m going towith my mother.

3. I China.

4. We’re going to visit the zoo

5. They’re going there

三 单项选择。(20分)

( ) swimsuit.

A. Xiaoyong B. Xiaoyong’s C. Xiaoyongs

( ) 2. I’m going to in the sea.

A. swimming B.swiming C. swim

( the zoo tomorrow.

A. are going to visit B.visiting C. visit

( ) 4.

A. I B. Daming C. Amy

( ) 5. We’re going to get

A. to B.at C. up

( ) 6. you going to Beijing?


A. are; are B. Are; are. C.Are; am

( ) 7. “Hooray” is

A.欢呼 B. 丧气 C. 加油

( ) 8. We’re going .

A.sit plane. B. on plane C. by plane

( ) 9. I China.

A is for B. am from C. is from

( ) 10. Lingling is going to row a boat. She’s going to

A. fish B. plays football C. flies a kite

四. 连词成句,注意标点及大小写。(20分)

1. from, is, Lingling, China (.)

2. we, up, get, going, are, to, 5 o’clock, at (.)

3.in, Sam, sea, the, going, to, is, swim (.

4. are, train, going, they, by (.)

5. are, going, to, we, visit, the, zoo, on, Sungday(?)


( )1. How are you going to Hainan? A. Tomorrow.

( ) 2. Where are you going ? B. It’s Maomao’s.

( ) 3. When are we going to the zoo? C. I’m going to swim in the sea.

( ) 4. Whose swimsuit is this? D. I’m going to Hong Kong.

( ) 5. What are you going to do? E. I’m going by plane.

六. 阅读理解。(20分)

Tomorrow, Sam and Amyare going to get up at five o’clock. They aew going to visit the Ming Tombs with their dad and mum. They’re going by bus. Amy wants to see lions, camels and elephants. At last, they’re going home at four o’clock in the afternnoon.Sam is going to watch TV at six o’clock. Amy is going to bed at nine o’clock.

根据短文内容,判断 (T)误(F).

( )1. Sam is going to get up five o;clock.

( )2. Amy is going to visit the Ming Tombs by bus.

( )3. Amy’s mum and dad are going to visit the Ming Tombs.

( )4. They’re going home at five o’clock in the afternoon.

( )5. Amy is going to bed at nine o’clock.


一.(10分)1 visit 2 plane 3 sea 4 swimsuit 5 tomorrow

6 from 7 get up 8 by plane

二.(10分) CABDE



五.(20分) EDABC


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