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主动语态与被动语态: 主动语态(The Active Voice) :表示主 语是动作的执行者; 被动语态(The Passive Voice):表示 主语是动作的承受者。

动词过去分词的构成规则(与动词过去式 构成规则一样): 1、+ed eg: looked, played 2、结尾是e , + d eg: lived used 3、辅+元+辅,双写 + ed eg: planned 4 、辅音+y,“y” → “i” + ed 5 、 eg: study---studied, carry---carried

eg: The farmers grow cotton every year. Cotton is grown by the farmers every year.

eg: I plant a tree in my yard. A tree is planted by me in the yard.
Be (am/is/are) +动词的过去分词


Practice: 1、They make computers in the USA. 2、They grow rice in South China. 3、They speak English in Canada . 4、Children clean the desks in the classroom.

(二)一般过去时被动语态的构成: was/were+动词的过去分词: eg : 1、My father bought me a new bike. A new bike was bought for me by my father. 2、The workers built the bridge last year. The bridge was built last year.

eg: We will build a new hospital in our city.
A new hospital will be built in our city by us. eg: We will plant many trees next year.

一般将来时的被动语态构 成:

Many more trees will be planted next year.
will+ be + 动词的过去分词

Practice 1. I will make a cake tomorrow. 2. She will repair the door next day. 3. We will wash the car on Wednesday.

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