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陕旅版四年级英语上册复习提纲第一单 what is your father

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第一单 what is your father ? (你爸爸是干什么的?)

1、单词 father mother grandpa grandma sister brother Teacher student nurse cook farmer doctor worker driver policeman want

2、短语 want to be what about you ?

3、句子 what is your father ?

my father is a …. He is a ….

What is she/he ? she/he is a …

Is he/she/my father/mother a worker ?

Yes , he/she is. No he/she isn’t. I want to be a …. 第二单元 what do they have on the farm?

1、单词 lion rabbit cat elephant dog monkey panda tiger farm pig horse cow duck sheep hen animals have/has really many nice and box some/any

2、短语 on the farm in the box

3、句子 what do they have on the farm ? They are … What does she/he have on the farm ? she/he has … There be 句型 There is/are … on the … .

第三单元 What’s for breakfast?

1、 单词 cake egg apple banana grape orange candy

ice-cream pear vegetable cookie noodles dumplings

milk tea fish bread juice rice soup meat chicken breakfast lunch dinner supper welcome little aunt uncle we

2、 短语 very much very good very little

3、 句子 what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner ? I have … we have …

What do we/you have for breakfast/lunch/dinner ? We/I have …

What does he/she have for breakfast/lunch/dinner ? He /she has …

第四单元 when do you have classes?

1、 单词 face get up class play game watch

see bed TV at afternoon early late rise

2、 短语 get up have a class have lunch Play games watch TV go to bed at +数字=几点 in the morning/ afternoon/evening at night

3、 句子 when do you have classes/play games/get

up/watch TV/go to bed?

I have classes at 数字 in the …

Do you play games at school ? Yes,we do/No,we don’t when does he/she …? He/She at +时间

时间就是数字!从1到20 。one two three ………

第五单元 our school 我们的学校

1、单词 library garden playground toilet computer teachers’office school gate classroom

2、短语 in the library of course How nice On the playground at the teachers’office at home

3、句子 where is your school? There is/are …。 Where are the students?

一般疑问句 Is /are there …?

肯定回答: Yes ,there is /are … .

否定回答:No, there isn’t /aren’t ….

第六单元 what subjectds do they have this morning?

1、 单词 subject Math Music PE Art Chinese

English Science

2、 短语

How many let me see Be(is\am/are ) good at That’s great I am good at…

3、 句子

what subjectds do they have this morning?/ in the morning/in the afternoon? They have … and …. what subject do you like? I like …

第七单元 It’s Tuesday ?

1、 单词 Sunday Saturday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Friday week day today every draw pictures

2、 句子

What day is it today ? It’s ….

What do you have on +星期? I have …

What does he/she/人名字 have on +星期? He/she has … 第八单元 Boys like to play ball ?

1、 单词 run swim dance jump rope play basketball

sing songs after class

2、 短语

Let ’s play together You are late wait for me at home 几点=at+数字 in +里面、早上、中午、晚上

3、 句子

what do they/you like to do on+星期? I/They like to … what does he/she like to do on+星期? He/She likes to … Revision 2

1、一般疑问句:Is Are Do Does 开头的

肯定回答:Yes, 第一、二个单词调换

否定回答:No, 第一、二个单词调换后加not

2、 There be (is / are) +单数、复数。

There be句型的一般疑问句:Is /Are there +单数、复数 ? 肯定回答:Yes, there is/are

否定回答:No, there is/are not

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