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一、补全单词 10分

se mer er ch er

二、连线 6分

rice noodles soup dumplings meat chicken

鸡肉 汤 肉 米饭 饺子 面条

三、看图选单词 6分

pig horse cow duck sheep hen


( )1、A nurse B doctor C worker D father

( )2、A sister B friend C brother D grandma

( )3、A horse B hen C apple D cow

( )4、A rice B noodles C dumplings D hen

( )5、A breakfast B lunch C soup D dinner

五、英汉互译 16分

Get up 上课

have lunch 做游戏

watch TV 上床睡觉

by bike 去学校 六、选词填空 24分

1、I want to a policeman.

A be B 不填 C on D in

2、The is a cook .

A man B boys C girls D he

3、What his brother?------ He is a worke.

A is B are C am D do

4、Alice a rabbit.

A does B have C has D don’t have

5、There are many on the farm .

A sheeps B 不填 C a sheep D sheeep

6、I don’t have cows.

A a B the C some D any

7、 father and mother .-------They teachers .

A are are B is are C are is D is is

8、have milk and eggs for breakfast.

A we B he C she D it

9、Does your father like

A she does B he does C he do D she do

10、What does he have lunch?

-----He has bread,apple and noodle.

A at B for C in D on

11、 watch TV ?--------At six in the evening.

A where she B when he C what he D how she

12、Do you have ? ------Yes ,I like

A a rice B sheep C chicken D a meat

七、连词成句 14分

1、 ? is your what father 2、breakfast is for what ?

3、playgames you when do ?

4、do the on have farm you what?

5、Do dinner rice have for you ?

6、a Is teacher she .

7、be want docter I to a .


My family have grandpa、grandma、father、mother、brother and I,my grandpa have a farm. The fram have some animals. They have ducks, pigs,hens sheep.cows horse,rabbit,dogs .grandma is a farmer. my father is a teacher , my mother is a doctor , my brother is a driver and I is a student . we have breakfast at six in the morning,have milk;bread,egg. At twelve we are have lunch ,have noodles. We have dinner at seven in the afternoon .we are go to bed at ten in the evening.

( )1、we are family have six people

( )2、my father is a farmer.

( )3、my mother in the school work(工作).

( )4、the farm have some cats .

( )5、we are get up at six

( )6、we don’t have lunch .

( )7、we are go to bed at ten .

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