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The revision of section A

Dog, dog, what can you do?

I can run after you.
Panda, panda, what can you do?

I can eat so much bamboo.
Mouse, mouse, what can you do?

I can hide in the shoe.
Mike, Mike, what can you do? I can draw animals in the zoo!



个 人 风 采 展 示

? clean the bedroom ? cook the meals

? sweep the floor

? water the flowers

? empty the trash

Sweep the floor!


Driving a train. (开火车)

I can set the table.

I can make the bed.

I can water the flowers.


Do you want to get a parttime job, come on, join us ?!


Cat:Mother Pig is ill. Dog:We can help her. Cat:What can you do? Dog:I can wash the clothes. Rabbit:I can make the bed. Mouse:I can cook the meals. Cat:What can you do,Panda? Panda:I can water the flowers. Cat:I can sweep the floor. Pig:Thank you. You’re so helpful !

Let’s read

wash the clothes (1)What can the dog do? He can______________.

make the bed (2)What can the rabbit do? She can___________.
water the flowers (3)What can the panda do? He can______________.

Let’s check

What can you do?


I can

sweep the floor. cook the meals. clean the bedroom. water the flowers. empty the trash. wash the clothes. set the table. make the bed. do the dishes. put away the clothes.

You’re helpful !

We should be helpful at home .

Just do it
Personal Name: Photo Age: What can you do? Resume(个人简历)


I can……

Trust me, I will be the best. 相信我,我会是最好的。

Thank you!

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