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学校 姓名 班级



( ) 1. A. April B. animal C. June

( ) 2. A. left B. right C. near

( ) 3. A. Sports Day B. take pictures C. listen to music ( ) 4. A. biscuits B. fruit C. sweets

( ) 5. A. run fast B. the long jump C. the high jump


1. turn on the light_________ 2. go straight on ________ 3. come in______ 4.in the park_________ 5. 当然____________ 6.good luck__________ 7.汤_______ 8.坐飞机________ 9.向左转________ 10.起床_________ 11. high jump______ 12.wash clothes_______ 13.跑_______ 14. 每天__________


( )1.what are you doing. Mum? I’m ____vegetable. A. cooking B. cook C. run ( ) 2. Amy, can you ______fast? A. running B. runs C. run ( ) 3. Can you play the flute, Sam? No .I______ A. can B. can’t C. don’t ( ) 4. They _____ going to Hainan. A. is B. are C. am ( ) 5. We’re going _____ plane. A. by B. on C. in ( ) 6.She is going to______ her teacher. A .look B. see C. visit ( ) 7.Xiaohong is going to get up_____5o’clock. A. on B. at C. for ( ) 8. We’re going to have a_____ A. Sports Day B. sport Day .C. sports day ( ) 9. I’m the______. A. winer B. win C. winner ( ) 10. I’m going to___ the high jump. A. do B. make C. have ( ) 11.What’s that? It’s _____ animal. A. the B. an C. a ( ) 12. Happy birthday to you , Amy. A. Thank you B. excuse me C. ok ( ) 13.We____ go to the park in July.


A. can B. is C. are ( )14.你想知道有多少人在7月过生日时.你应该说____ A. how much birthday are there in July? B. how are you in July? C. how many birthdays are there in July? ( )15.大明想知道 Sam来自哪里时.应该怎么说____ A. What are you doing, Sam? B. Where are you from, Sam? C. What are you going to do, Sam? ( )16 .Ling ling的妈妈想知道她想吃大米吗.应该怎么说___ A. Do you want some rice? B. Do you want rices? ( )17.姐姐有一个运动日.你祝福她应该怎么说:____ A. Come on B. Thank you C. Good luck ( )18.你为运动场上的运动员加油时.你应该说______ A. Come! B. Come in please. C. Come on! 四、画龙点睛,用所给单词的适当形式填空。

1. Can I ____________ (have) some bread? 2. He’s hungry. He wants some_________(sweet) 3. I don’t like January and February. It’s cold and there__________(be) snow. 4. I’m__________ (go) to go to Hong Kong in July. 5. She’(write) a letter. 五.

( )1、What are you doing ? a. No, I can’t.

( )2、Where is the train ? b. Yes, please.

( )3、Happy birthday! c. It’s at the station.

( )4、Do you want some rice? d. Yes, I have.

( )5、Have you got a cat? e. Thank you.

( )6、Can you run fast? f. I’m writing a letter.


1. Can you make dumplings? 2. What’s your favorite month?

七Tomorrow is a sports Day. Daming is going to run the 800 metres. Sam is going to run the 400 metres. Amy is going to do the long jump. Lingling is going to do the high jump. Daming and Amy are the winners.

( )1、Tomorrow is a new Day.

( )2、Daming is going to run the 500 metres.

( )3、Amy is going to do the long jump.

( )4、Sam is going to do the high jump. ( )5、Sam and Amy are the winners.


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