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精彩课堂系列丛书 《考试指南报·五年级期末复习卷》

语法及功能句型 专项训练

There be句型

一、Read and circle.把正确的答案圈出来。 1.There (is,are) seven days in a week. 2.There (is,are) a bookstore across the street. 3.There (is,are) five sheep on the farm.

4.How many pepole (there are,are there) in your family? 5.He (is,are) tall and strong.

6.There (is,are) a ruler and some pencils in the pencil-case. 7.(Is,Are) there any books on the desk? 8.Yes,there (is,isn’t).

9.(Is,Are) there a book on the desk? 10.No, there (aren’t,are).

二、Read and fill in the blanks.按要求把句子补充完整。 1.There are three books in the bag. There ____ three books in the bag. (否定句) ____ there three books in the bag? (一般疑问句) Yes,______ are.(肯定回答) 2.There is a road near his house.

There ____ a road near his house.(否定句) ____ _____ a road near his house? (一般疑问句) No, _____ _____.(否定回答)


三、Read and choose .选择。

1._____ you sweep the floor? A.Can B.can C.Is 2.I _____do the dishes. A.am B.is C.can 3.We _____ clean the classroom. A.are B. can C. is 4. A:Can you set the table? B:Yes,I ___.

A. can B. am C. is 5. A:Can she swim? B:No,she ___.

A. isn’t B. am not C. can’t

四、Read and fill in the blanks.按要求把句子补充完整。1.They can play computers. They ____ play computers. (否定句) ____ they play computers? (一般疑问句) Yes, they ______ .(肯定回答) 2.The bird can fly.

The bird ____ fly.(否定句) ____ the bird fly ? (一般疑问句) No, it _____.(否定回答)


五、Tick or cross.判断句子正误。 1.There are a dog in my room.( ) 2.He cannot wash the clothes.( ) 3.I am cook the meals.( ) 4.-Who’s your art teacher?


-He is strong.( ) 5.-What can you do?

-I can make the bed.( ) 6.-What do you have for lunch today? -I have green bean.( ) 7.There is a cat near the door.( ) 8.Are there a river in your village?( ) 9.Are he young?( )

10.-What day is it today? -It’s Sunday.( )

六、Read and find.读一读,找答语。 1.( )What can you do? 2.( )Is there a river in your village? 3.( )Are there any bridges in your country? 4.( )Is Mike helpful at home? 5.( )Where is your book? 6. ( ) What day is it today? 7. ( ) Is Chen Jie short?

8. ( ) What do you have on Mondays? 9. ( ) What would you like for dinner? 10. ( ) Can you make the bed?

A No, there isn’t.. F Yes, I can. B It’s on the table. G No, she isn’t. C I can set the table. H It’s Tuesday. D Yes, there are. I I’d like some rice. E Yes, he is. J I have English and math.

七、Make sentences.连词成句。

1. lunch for What you have do ?

2. favourite your fruit What’s ?

3. table can I the set .

4. are end tables the There near bed two .

5. active very She’s .

_______________________________________________________ 6. Who’s English your teacher ?

7. there a in the village Is bridge ?

8. many There trees near house are my .




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