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( )1.A.singer B.artist C.computer

( )2.A.hospital B.salesperson C.cleaner

( )3.A.comic book B.TV show C.magazine

( )4.A.plane B.library C.subway

( )5.A.post office B.cinema C.engineer


( )1.writer A.写字 B.作家 C.正确的

( )2.accountant A.旅游者 B.收集 C.会计

( )3.女演员 A.act B.actor C.actress

( )4.show A.表演 B.给 C.矮的

( )5.在哪里 A.what B.where C.which


( )1. Tom’s mother is_____ actress.

A. a B.an C.不填

( )2.Tim is going to_____ a policeman.

A.do B.be C.work

( )3.- What_____your sister _____?

-She is an accountant.

A.does; do B.is; doing C.did; do

( )4. I often help my father_____ the flowers.

A.watering B.water C.waters

( )5.This is my living room. I enjoy_____ in it.

A.read B.reading C.to read


1.your, what, do, does ,uncle

3.go, work, how, does, mother, to,your


4.pictures, drawing, Tom, enjoys,


5.by, my, brother, to, subway, goes,school



A.How does she go to work? B.This is my mother. C.What does she do? D.He is a worker. E.Where does he work?

Sarah:Who’s this woman in the picture?

Chen: ________


Chen:She is a TV reporter.


Chen:She goes to work by bus.

Sarah:What does your father do?

Chen: ________


Chen:He works in a car factory.


This is a picture of my uncle.He likes math . He works in a bank.He helps the bank use their money well.He likes working with numbers. He goes to work by car,but sometimes he walks.My aunt is an engineer. She likes drawing pictures.She works in a big company.She designs computers. She goes to work by bus.

( )1.What does my uncle like?

A.He likes math. B.He likes drawing pictures. C.He likes computers.

( )2.How does my uncle go to work?

A.By car. B.By bus. C.By bike.

( )3.Where does my aunt work?

A.In a bank.

B.In a car factory.

C.In a computer company.

( )4.Who likes working with numbers?

A. My uncle. B. My aunt. C.My uncle and aunt.

( )5.What does my uncle do?

A.He is a teacher. B.He is an engineer. C.He is an accountant.

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