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精彩课堂系列丛书 《考试指南报〃五年级期末复习卷》 听力原文

五年级上学期 听力 专项训练

一、Listen and choose. (听音,选出你听到的单词,每小题读两遍。) 1. Our math teacher is very short. 2. Mr. Carter is from Canada. 3. My favourite food is mutton. 4. Grapes are my favourite fruit. 5. Our village is beautiful.

二、Listen and match. (听音,请将下列图片与单词连起来,每小题读两遍。) 1. We have English on Tuesday. 2. We have P.E. on Wednesday. 3. We have music on Friday. 4. We have science on Thursday.

5. We have computer class on Monday.

三、Listen and tick or cross. (听音,打√或×,每小题读两遍。) 1. 男: What do you do on Saturdays?

女: I often do my homework.

2. 男: Do you like tomatoes, Chen Jie?

女: No, I don’t. Eggplant is my favourite. 3. 男A: What do you have for lunch today?

女: I have fish, cucumbers, carrots and grapes. 4. 男: Can you cook the meals?

女: No, I can’t. I can do the dishes. 5. 男: What’s in your room?

女: There is a bed, a closet and two end tables. 6. 男: Where are the rats ? 女: They are behind the hat.

7. 男A: Is there a river in your village? 女: Yes, there is.

8. 男A: Are there any tall buildings in your city? 女: Yes, there are.

四、Listen and choose. (听问句,选答语,每小题读两遍。) 1. Who’s your Chinese teacher?

2. Is Sarah quiet?

3. What do you have on Thursdays?

4. What do you have for lunch on Thursdays? 5. What do you do on Sundays? 6. Can you empty the trash? 7. What can you do ? 8. Where is the trash bin ? 9. Is there a forest? 10. Are there any fish?

五、Listen and tick or cross. (听音,判断句子正误,打√或×,每小题读两遍。) 1. 男: Who is your English teacher? 女: Miss Liu.

男: What’s she like?

女: She is strict, but she’s kind. 2. 男: Who’s that tall boy? 女: Ming Ming. 男: Is he funny? 女: Yes,he is. And he is very active. 3. 男: What day is it today?

女: It’s Thursday. We have music and P.E. today. I like Thursdays. 4. 男: Grapes are my favourite. Do you like grapes,Amy? 女: No, I don’t. They’re sour. 5. 男: What’s your room like, Zip?

女: It’s small but nice. There is a bed, a mirror and a closet. The air-conditioner is over the bed. 6. 男: Where is my ball? 女: Oh, it’s near the box.

7. 男: Are there any mountains in your village? 女: Yes, there are.

男: Are there any pandas in the mountains? 女: No, there aren’t.

六、Listen and choose. (听短文,选择正确的答案,每小题读两遍。) Passage 1 :

I have a new friend. His name is Jim. He’s 11 years old. He is tall and strong.

He’s very active. He likes to play football very much. I like to play with him. We are good friends. Passage 2:

Hello! My name is David. I’m 10. I like Wednesdays . Because we have computer and science class on Wednesdays. My favourite food is fish. It’s tasty and healthy. Apples are my favourite fruit. They are sweet. On Saturdays I often do homework and read books. On Sundays I often watch TV and play computer games. This is me. Do you like me ? Passage 3:

Welcome to my home! My house is near the lake. And there are many trees near my house. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a study, and a bathroom. There is a bed, a closet and a desk in my bedroom. My picture is over the bed. What’s on the desk?There is a computer. My room is small, and it’s clean. I like it very much.

七、Listen and write. (听一段短文并填空,短文读三遍。)

Hello! I’m Mike. I have a happy family .There are 5 people in my family. We are helpful at home. We often share the housework(分担家务

五年级上学期 期末综合达标测试卷(一) Listening part 听力部分 一、Listen and choose.(听音,选出你听到的单词,每小题读两遍。) 1.He is so tall. He is a university student. 2.I like fish. We have fish for lunch on Thursday. 3.Lily is helpful. She can do housework at home. 4.There is a path over there.

5. I have onions and tomatoes for dinner today.

二、Listen and tick or cross. (听音,打√或×,每小题读两遍。) 1. Our P.E. teacher often plays football, so he is very strong.

2. A: What do you have for lunch today ? B: I have cucumbers ,carrots,fish and grapes. 3. A: Where’s the ball? B: It’s over the box. 4. A: What’s in your room?

B: There is a bed, a picture and two end tables. 5. A: Are there any bridges over the river? B: Yes, there is one.

三、Listen and link. (听一听,连一连,每小题读两遍。) 1. John often sweeps the floor and empties the trash at school. 2. Amy is helpful at home. She can do the dishes and wash the clothes. 3.Mike is only 5 years old. But he can water the flowers and set the table. 4. Mom often cleans the bedroom and puts away the clothes.

5. On the weekend Zhang Peng watches TV and plays computer games. 四、Listen and write. (听一段短文并填空,短文读三遍。)

I’m Chen Jie. I have a bedroom.It’s small but tidy(整洁). There is a bed, a desk, ’door ? There is a trash bin. This is my room. I like it very much.

五年级上学期 期末综合达标测试卷(二) Listening part 听力部分 一、Listen and number.(听短语给图片标序号,每小题读两遍。) 1.set the table 2.do homework 3.empty the trash 4.put away the clothes 5. watch TV

6.sweep the floor

二、Listen and choose.(听句子选择图片,在A或B上打“√”,每小题读两遍。)

1.男:What’s your math teacher like?

女:He’s tall and thin.

2.男:What day is it today?

女:It’s Tuesday.

3.男:What can you do?

女:I can cook the meals.

4.男:What would you like for dinner?

女:I’d like tomatoes.

5.There is a big closet in my room.

三、Listen and choose.(听句子选择你所听到的内容,在括号内填写A或B,横线上不需填写,每小题读两遍。)

1.Our principal is very strict.

2.I’d like some mutton for lunch today.

3.The grapes are sour.

4.I can wash the clothes .

5.There is a closet in my room.

四、Listen and tick or cross.(听对话判断句子正误,在括号内打“√”或“×”,每小题读两遍。)

1.男:Is your math teacher strong?

女:Yes, he is .He’s very short.

2. 女:I have Chinese, math and art class on Tuesdays.

3. 男:What do you do on Sundays?

女:I often do homework on Sundays.

4. 女:I’m helpful. I can cook the meals and make the bed.

5. 男:There are two big end tables in her room. 6.男:Where is the trash bin? 女:It’s behind the door. 7.男:Are there any tall buildings in your village? 女:No, there aren’t.

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