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四年级英语第二学期期末复习 一、选择填空

A.cat B.cats C.dog A.Do B.do C.Does A.Do B.Does C.does ( )22.It’s the second roomA.on B.in C.of

( )23.It’s on the( )4.What do you want to do in the future?

( )5.What’s wrongA.took B.take C.takes

A.to B. at C.on

A.on B.in C.at

A.get B.get to B.gets A.where B.Where C.When

A.do B.doing C.does

( ) We visit the Great Wall. A.will B.Will C.well ( )12.What do you do on May Day?

( )13.What’s special A.about B.for

( )14.Please don’t( ) It’s notother’s feet. A.step on B come on

my toy plane doesn’t work? A.How come B.How many

( )I’m sorry,I( )Never mind,my father is good at things. A.fix B.fixing C.fixs

( )17.You look sad, what’s( )18.What’sA.happen B.happened

( )19.What’s wrong

A. fifth B.five

A.You too. B.You’r welcome. ( )25.It’s on theA.of B.in C.to

A.work B.works C.working


kick the watch patient noisy break the book quiet right fix the ball wrong thick lose her face(脸) thin doctor hit the glass right left spill the carpet fast on wet the ground step long pick the milk short slow litter the flowers young old 四、读句子,排顺序

( )Yes. Can I borrow your bike? ( ) Can I help you ?

( )Of course. But you don’t ride(骑车)here. It’s not safe.

( )What are you doing here? XiaoMing? ( )Thank you.

( )I’m looking for my key. I can’t find it. 五、连一连

wet lost do did happen break pick kicked

lose wetted went go broke happened kick picking 三、根据情景选择答语

( )1.How do I get to the cinema? A. It’s on the left of that blue building. B. I don’t know.

( ) 2.Does he like dogs? A.Yes, he does. B.Yes, he doesn’t. ( )3.Do you keep a pet?

A.Yes, she do. B.No ,he does. C.Yes, I do. ( )4.What do you want to do in the future? A.I want to be a teacher.

B.I want to make a card for my mum. ( )5.What’s wrong with you ? A.I have a high fever.

B.I will to take an X-ray. ( )6.Will you need to take a blood test? A.I will to take. B.I’m afraid so. ( ) 7.What’s the matter with you ?

A. I’m afraid so. B.My legs hurt badly. 四、连线

doctor danger thin good old dangerous safety patient these noisy safe young wet right quiet thick white down wrong dry bad those up black 五、读句子排序 (一)

( )It’ a gift from my mum, today is my birthday. ( ) Mary, your dress is very beautiful! ( ) I’m ten years old.

( ) Happy birthday to you! How old are you? (二)

( )It’s easy. Drive on first and then turn left. ( ) Have a nice day!

( )Excuse me ,can you tell me the way to the supermarket?

( ) I see, I should drive on first and then turn left. ( ) You too. (三)

( )I’m sorry,I broke it.

( )Great! The car works very well again. ( )How come my toy car doesn’t work now? ( )I’m very good at fixing things. ( )Never mind. 一、选介词,填空

in at on for with to after from

2.It’s4.It’s on the right5.I’m looking9.I’d like to fly14.What’s wrong16.My school is the left of the market.

in at on for with to after from out 18.Mother’s Day is19.Teacher’s Da20.Children’s Day isst. 22.It’s dangerous to ride bikes23.It’s safe26.Don’t step二、根据情景选择 Yes, I do. I listen to all kinds of music. A.Do you like music? B.Do you keep a pet? C.Do you like animals?

I have a high fever.

A.What do you want to do ? B.What’s wrong with you? C.No,I don’t. I’d like to fly a real plane.

A.What do you want to do in the future? B. What do you want to do after school?

一:Good reading going to sure with

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