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六年级上册英语第一单元检测卷 班级 姓名


1、火车 2、飞机 3、步行

4、交通灯 5、等待 6、停止


( )1. A. on foot B. by bike C. by train D. by a car

( )2. A. stop B. wait C. bus D. go

( )3. A. Canada B. England C. the USA D. Chinese

( )4. A. library B. school C. bookstore D. subway

三 单选

( )1. A: How do you go to the USA? B:I go ____

A. on foot B. by bike C. by bus D. by plane

( )2. Remember the traffic rules. ___at a yellow light.

A. stop B. wait C. go D. go straight

( )3. A: Excuse me, is there a cinema near here? B: Yes,____

A. it is B. they are C. there is D. there are

( )4. How can I get to _______park?

A. Zhongshan B. the Zhongshan C. a Zhongshan

( )5. Is it far _______here? A. for B. of C. from ( )6. It’s _______ _______the cinema. A. near B. in to C. next to ( )7. ——Mr. Black: Happy Women’s Day! ——Miss White: _______.

A. Thank you B. Happy women’s Day C. Welcome

( )9. You can go by ___bus. A. the NO.10 B. NO. 10 C. NO. the 10 ( )10. You see a red light, You must ______. A. go B. wait C. stop


Mike: Hi, Amy. Is it Friday today?

Amy: . It’s Saturday today.

Mike: Let’s go to the park this afternoon.

Amy: Great! ?

Amy: It’s easy. Come to my home first. Then we can go to the park by bus. Amy: My home is near the hospital.It’s not far.

Amy: The No. 26 bus.

Mike:Ok! See you at one o’clock this afternoon.

Amy: .


( )1.How can I go to the ZhongShan Park? A.No,it’s not far.

( )2.Can I go on foot? B.You can go by bus

( )3.Where is the library? C. It’s near the post office.

( )4.Is it far from here? D. You are welcome.

( )5.Thank you. E. No, it isn’t.


1、A: B: I usualy go to the zoo by bike .

2、A: B: The weather is sunny and hot.

3、A: B: You can go to Dongfang Park by subway.

4、A: B: Sure, if you like. It’s not far.

5、A: B: They are traffic lights.


( )Is it far from here?

( )Excuse me, where is the cinema?

( )No it isn’t. you can go there on foot.

( )Thank you.

( )It’s next to the hospital.

( )You’re welcome.

七、看图,用英语写一篇小短文。说说图中的女孩是谁,她通常在周末去哪里,怎样去,和谁一起去, 心情怎样。(不少于5句,10分) Chen Jie


The traffic lights are the same in every country. There are ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In China, drivers _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you go ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________.

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