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( ) 1. A. quarter B. quietly C. quick

( ) 2. A. left B. lift C. let

( ) 3. A. dragonfly B. butterfly C. firefly

( ) 4. A. take B. talk C. make

( ) 5. A. 543 B. 453 C. 435

( ) 6. A. 2:15 B. 1:45 C. 2:45

( ) 7. A. on Tuesday morning

B. on Thursday morning

C. on Tuesday evening

( ) 8. A. stay at home B. stay in bed C. stay at school

( ) 9. A. head and hand

B. hand and head C. head and shoulder

( ) 10. A. a bad cough B. a bad cold C. a high fever


( ) 1. A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he can. C. Yes, he is.

( ) 2. A. I’m from French.

B. We’re from France.

C. They’re from China.

( ) 3. A. I feel cold.

B. I’ve got a fever.

C. I feel cough.

( ) 4. A. She like Maths.

B. She likes Social science.

C. She likes Art.

( ) 5. A. Yes, he does.

B. He usually surfs the Internet.

C. She usually reads the newspaper.


Amy lives in a big She goes climbing on Sundays. Amy’s father is a taxi driver. He’’s mother is a

’re very happy.



1. 在周三早上 ____________ 2. glow at night ______________

3. 讲日语_________________ 4. jump high _________________

5. 六点半_________________ 6. an English club ___________

7. 每星期________________ 8. brush my teeth _____________

9. 向右转_________ _____ 10. lie on one’s back____________


( A. foot B. feet C. foots

( A. / B. to C. for

( A. Does, speaks B. Does, speak C. Do, speak

( A. Are B. Does C. Do

( A. from B. for C. to

( )6.What your parents want?

A. do B. does C. are

( ) 7. It's eight o'clock. Helen--her homework.

A. do B. doing C. Does

( A. doesn’t, us B. don’t, we C. /, us

( ) 9. Are you ready lunch, David?__ yet, Mum.

A. to, No B. for, isn't C. for, Not

( ) 10.We play football in the street.

A. aren’t B. can’t C. doesn’t



( ) 1. What day is it? A. He usually makes model planes.

( ) 2. What’s wrong with you? B. No, I’m not.

( ) 3. What does Jim usually do? C. No, he doesn’t.

( ) 4. Does Mike run fast? D. All right.

( ) 5. Is Ben new here? E. I’ve got a fever.

( ) 6. Are you ready for supper? F. Not yet.

( ) 7. How do you feel now? G. No, he isn’t.

( ) 8. Are you from England? H. I feel thirsty.

( ) 9. Lift up your left leg. I. Yes, I do.

( )10. Do you like listening to music? J. It’s Friday.



LiuTao usually do 2.准备吃早饭了吗?

Are you ____ for breakfast?


Does your mother have any ____? Yes, she does. She_____

_____ clothes.

4. 英语课在十点开始。现在David正在用英语和Miss Li交谈。 English class ten o’clock.

David’s Miss Li in English now.

5. 昆虫是我们的好朋友,我们非常喜欢它们。

Insects are our good We like very



Helen usually gets up early everyday. But today she gets up very late in the morning. So she has no time for breakfast. She goes to school at about half past seven. She has her first lesson at eight o five. She doesn’t go home at noon. She has lunch at a quarter to eleven at school. After lunch, she has a rest for half an hour. Then she plays games with her classmates. Classes are over at half past four. Helen goes home with her friend at about six. At six thirty, she has supper with her parents. She goes to bed at half past nine. That’s Helen’s day.

( )1. Helen gets up early today.

( )2. Helen has supper at half past sixty

( )3. Helen has lunch at a quarter to eleven at home

( )4. Helen has a rest and play games with her classmates after lunch.

( )5. We don’t know what time Helen gets up in the morning.



1. B. quietly 2. B. lift 3. A. dragonfly

4. B. talk 5. C. 435

6. B. a quarter to two

7. C. on Tuesday evening

8. A. stay at home 9. A. head and hand

10. B. a bad cold


1. Does Jack like fishing?

2. Where are you from?

3. How do you feel now?

4. What subject does Helen like?

5. What does Tom’s father usually do on Sundays.


Sundays. Amy’s father is a taxi driver. He’s very . They’re

very happy.

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