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101.He ________ a vidio and now he is very famous.

102.Helen Keller couldn’t see but she ________ learn.

103.In Ocotber 2003,Shenzhou Ⅴ flew into space ________ Yang Liwei. 104.It is raining now ________I put on my raincoat.

Read and choose

1. In this photo, I’m looking ________(at, for) a book. I’m in a library.

2. The sun is shining. The children are ________(play, playing) in the park.

3. These ducks are very noisy. They ________(see, look) hungry.

4. Our picnic is wet. But the ducks like ________(them, it).

5. I am on the train. I am looking ________(out, out of) the window.

6. My mother ________(buy, bought)me a bike. She gave it to me for my birthday.

7. I make ________(lots, lots) of mistakes with Chinese.

8. Why was 6 afraid ________(off, of) 7? Because 7, 8, 9.

9. There aren’t ________(sheep, ships) on the farm.

10. What do you ________(like, want) to eat?

11. How ________(much, many) is it?

12. ----What do you want to eat? ----I want ________(some, a) fish.

13. ----What do you want? ----I want ________(a, an, some) ice cream.

14. I’m hungry. Can I ________(want, have, to have)some noodles?

15. Look! My sister ________(plays, is playing,played) with tay cars.

16. I ________(get, gets, getting)up at 6:30 every morning.

17. Do they like ________(swim, swimming, swims)?

18. Can you ________(make, makes,making) a paper plane for me?

19. Listen! Who ________(sing, sings, is singing) next door?

20. What time ________(do, does, did) Tom play every day?

21. John ________(didn’t go, doesn’t go, isn’t go) to school yesterday.

22. My father ________(take, takes,took)me to the park last Sunday.

23. He ________(works, is working, worked) in this city in 1980.

24. Confucius was a great man in ________(Chinese, English) history.

25. Amy had a bird house. One day a beautiful red bird ________(come, came).

26. A ________(sheep, ship) is a farm animal. It doesn’t go on the water.

27. All the animals laughed ________(then, and) laughed.

28. So now we are going to play basebakk ________(like, likes,liking) this.

29. We are swimming now. So I’m ________(wear, wearing, going to wear) swimsuit.

30. Amy ________(gets, get, will get) up at 6:30 every morning.

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