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pep小学英语五上unit3 B read and write

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Unit 3 What’s your favourite food?

B Read and write



(1) 能够听、说、读、写本课时四会句子:What’s your favourite fruit? I like apples. They’re sweet. I don’t like grapes. They’re sour. 并能在情景中正确运用。
















Step1:warming up

1.Greeting with the Ss.

T: T: Good morning, boys and girls. How are you?

S: Fine, thanks.

T: What’s the weather like today?


S: It’s ?

T: Oh,yeah, It’s fall. It’s cool. I have to wear my sweater. (设计意图:渗透have to 的意思,为学生下一步理解文本做准备。) Step2:lead-in

1.Start class with a chant (P31)


2.Free talk.

T:Fish is your favourite food , what’s your favourite food? S1:I like ?,It’s /They’re?

S2:I like ?,It’s /They’re?

T: I like apples. They’re sweet.(板书)

What’s your favourite fruit?(板书)

(教师指着apples 让学生理解fruit的意思。课件上给水果名称、味道及I like . They’re .)


S2: ?

T: But I don’t like grapes. They’re sour.(板书)

T: What about you?

S1: ?

S2: ?

Step3: Presentation and practice

1. Pre-reading

⑴ Guess, what do the animals like?

T: We all like fruit, our good friends like fruit, too. (CAI)Look ① Who are they?

② Guess, what do they like?

Monkey likes_______.

Rabbit likes_______.

Zip likes_______.

Zoom likes______.


(学生通过图片可以猜测出,但是Zip likes carrot juice,教师可以提示学生。)

③Maybe, Zoom likes______ ,too. (Compare two pictures)


2. While-reading

⑴ Fast-reading ( read the text), check the answers by yourselves. (设计意图:指导学生快速阅读,学生通过个人阅读,找出问题的答案。第一遍阅读目的是通过简单判断猜测的答案是否正确,给与学生阅读的自信,通过一读了解文章的大概内容。)


(判断Zoom的爱好时,让学生找出Zoom说的话,同时解决heavy的意思、读音,并让学生翻译Zoom说的话。注:T: Zip is short and thin. She is 2 kg.Zoom is 40 Kg. So he is heavy. Guess,“heavy ”means? ) ⑶Read again and answer(underline the answers)then report ①What’s Monkey’s favourite fruit? Why?

②What’s Rabbit’s favourite fruit? Why?

③Zip likes carrot juice. Why?


⑷Read once again(detailed reading),answer:

①Rabbit doesn’t like grapes.Why?

②Zoom likes beef. But he has to eat vegetables. Why?

(渗透情感教育:Zoom is heavy,so he should eat vegetables. We must know: Balanced nutrition is good for health ,especially for us.Because we are growing. Just for this, we should have a reasonable dining table. )


⑴Fill in the form and say


⑵finish the sentences quickly on English book.

⑶Read after the tape twice, then read together.

⑷Role play in groups( give some tips)


⑸Act in groups

Step4: Consolidation and extension: Go over the words about vegetables, fruit, food, and drink, then write the sentences.

I like . They’re .

I don’t like . They’re .

Step5: Sum-up

Blackboard design:

Unit3 B Read and write

What’s your favourite food?

I like apples. They’re sweet.

I don’t like . They’re .


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