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mine Unit 5 Save our planet

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Unit 5 Save our planet

Lesson 25

一教学目标instructional(s重音) objectives(j) 4

1.语言技能目标language skills,能够听懂并表达一些有浪费资源resource-wasting 的日常行为和保护环境的说法,能正确听说读写四会单词和句子. Stusents are able to understand and express the behavior of wasting resources and protecting the environment. Then they can improve their English language skill.

2.语言知识目标language aims. In this class,student need to use some sentences and words expertly.

1)能够听、说、读以下几单词:too. Waste. river. lake. mountains, oceans , plains,

2) 能够听、说、读、以下几词组:wild animals, waste too much water . cut down too many trees. hunt too many wild animals. save water.

3) 能够听、说、读、写以下句子:we waste too much water.

4)能够听、说、读、以下句子: we cut down too many trees.

3.情感态度目标affective goal:学生通过看视频了解地球环境的情况,引导学生形成环保意识。Students watch the video to learn the situation of the Earth's environment, ask students to form to environmental awareness.

4.教学重点和难点Teaching focal point and difficult point are mainly key words and Key sentences

key words:too, waste ,wild animals mountains ,oceans,

Key sentences:we waste too much water,

We cut down too many trees.

We hunt too many wild animals.

We should save water.

We should save our planet ,

二教学方法teaching method 3 1.采用交际教学法communicative(m,ke) language teaching和任务教学法task-based approach,合理利用信息差。

2.通过自读,讨论,尤其是小组教学方式引导学生主动参与到课堂教学。 Lead the student to study actively during class teaching

3.注重培养学生独立思考方式。cultivate the students' ability to analyze and solve concrete problems independently

三教学用具teaching aid

1. ppt pictures

2. tape video


A. Warming-up热身导入

Watch the video about our planet. (出示世界自然景观的视频).

B. Presentation新知呈现


Read the former part of this passage , then circle the important words.

Look, there are plains, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans on our planet. There are all kinds of trees, flowers and plants on our planet. There are all kinds of wild animals living together with us.

2. Stick the pictures on the blackboard. Learn these new words: mountain, river, lake, ocean, wild animals.

3 Look at the picture in our textbook, boys and girls. What’s wrong with our planet?

Do you want to help her ? You can plant more trees and save a drop of water.

4. Read the next part of this text.

What did we do to our planet ?Find the phrases and underline it.

Ask some students to say the answer.

C. Practice趣味操练




Read the text by themselves. Ask some students to read it.

Match the pictures and the phrases.

True or false

2.解决问题:how to save our planet?请学生小组讨论,然后用we should?句式进行陈述。


Talk about “What should we do?”in your group

Make a sign about saving plan and give us an advice!

D. Additional activities拓展活动

每年的6月5日是“世界环境日”,建议大家行动起来,为保护地球环境出一份力。 引导学生以小组形式为环境日制作poster,以如何保护环境为主题,向人们介绍建议。然后,展示部分小组的作品。The United Nations designated June fifth to be the World Environment Day in 1972.we need to take actions to protect our planet。Ask students to make about the World Environment Day to give people suggestions. Then Show part of the group works

E. Home work家庭作业


. 1) Tell you friends and family members to protect our only planet.

2)Listen to the tape at home and try to retell the text.

3) Writing: write a letter to your headmaster, tell him about the environmental problems

around your school and give suggestions.

F. On blackboard.板书设计

Lesson 25 save our planet

There are…

Teaching relection

1. 本课为篇章阅读课文,为降低阅读难度,将文章分为三个部分,并用三个问题贯穿全

文,分别是 this passage is divided into three parts,also,there are three questions through full-text.

What’s on our planet?

What bad thing did we do?

What should we do ?

2. 让学生围绕三个问题来理解课文,激起学生热爱家园和保护环境的意识。Let student

3. understand it by 3questions.

本课的教学设计,遵循学生的认知规律和学以致用的教学原则,为学生创设情境,使学生学习了知识,锻炼了能力,培养了习惯,较好地完成了教学任务。同时需要注意因材施教。Therefore,the students learn the knowledge, exercise ability, cultivate the habit, finish the teaching task well. teach students in accordance of their aptitude

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