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1.爱好 2.骑自行车 3. 跳水

4.拉小提琴5.制作风筝集邮7.笔友 8.居住 9.教

10.观看11.读;看 12.去二、看答句,写问句。

1. A: ? B: I like playing football.

2. A: ? B: He likes drawing pictures.

3. A: B: She likes listening to music.

4. A: ?

B: My mother likes cooking.

6. A: ? B: Her father likes swimming.

数学) B: No,we go to the zoo on foot.

10.A: ____________________________________________________? B: Yes,she does. She goes to bed at 10.

11. A: ______________________________________________?(学校) B: No,he doesn’t. My father works in a hospital.


1.A: ____________________________________________________?

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www.xkb1.com 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! B: I like collecting stamps. ________________________?

A: Me too. There is a stamp show on Sunday. Let’s go together.

B: I have a friend. ________________________? Can he go us? A:

2. A: ____________________________________________________? B: Yes, my mother is a teacher.

A: ____________________________________________________? B: No, she doesn’t. She teaches math.


) B: No,he teaches math.

7. A: ? B: He is my father.

8. A: ____________________________________________________? B: The boy is my brother.

9. A: ____________________________________________________? B: My sister goes to work by car.

10.A: ____________________________________________________?

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www.xkb1.com 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! B: He goes to work by subway.

11. A: ____________________________________________________? B: I go to work by subway.

12.A: ____________________________________________________? B: Yes, I go to work by subway.

13.A: ____________________________________________________?(公共汽车) B: No, I go to works by subway.w W w. xK b 1. c om

14.A: ____________________________________________________? B: No, I don’t go to works by subway.


1.A: Good morning, Bill.

B: She’s a TV reporter.

B: My father is a teacher. He B: My aunt is an accountant.


5.照耀 ___



17.放置 18.几个 19.看见 20.盆

21.天 22.周 23.月份

二、根据答句写出问句。新|课| 标| 第|一| 网


B: I can see some mountains in the picture.

2. A:______________________________________________?


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www.xkb1.com 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! B: We can see eight birds in the sky.

3. A: _____________________________________________?

B: I can see three. (图片:三个书包)



B:There is an end table in the bedroom.

5. A: _____________________________________________?

B: There are five people in my family.

6. A: ______________________________________________?

B: I have two brothers.

7. A:________________________________________________?

B: Amy has seven new pens.

B:I’m from China.

B: Ann comes from Australlian.

B: The rain comes from the clouds.

w W w.x K b 1. c om

14. 16. A:____________________________________________________? B: Water them. In several days, you can see a sprout.

三、完成以下对话。新| 课|标| 第|一| 网

1. A:____________________________________________________? B: The rain comes from the clouds.


B: The cloud comes from the vapour.

A: ________________________________________________?

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www.xkb1.com 新课标第一网不用注册,免费下载! B: The vapour comes from the water in the river.


B: The sun shines and the water becomes vapour.

2. A:___________________________________________________? B: I’m going to plant flower seeds in the garden.


B: It’s easy. First, put the seeds in the soil.


B: Water them. In several days, you can see a sprout.


新课标第一网系列资料 www.xkb1.com

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