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石宝小学 2013-2014学年第一学期

五年级英语期末测试卷I 听力部分(30分)


( )1 . A. peach B. tea C. jeans D. seat ( )2. A. beef B. sheep C. queen D. sleep ( )3. A. window B. yellow C. snow D. grow ( )4. A. bread B. brown C. library D. break ( )5. A. our B. mouth C. house D. mountain 二、听问句,找答案,并在答案前标号。(10分) ( ) Mr. Wang

( )She’s thin and nice. ( ) We have P.E. and math.

( ) Yes,there are. ( )Yes,I can .

三、听录音, 选择正确答案。(10分)

( )1.-What’s your English teacher like? -She’s_______ A. Tall and thin B. tall C.thin ( )2.- What day is it today? - It’s_______ A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday ( )3- How many houses can you see? - ______ A. Two B. Twelve C. Twenty ( )4.What do you have on Friday?- ___________ A.English B. Chinese C. Social Studies ( )5.What do you often do on Sundays? - I often ______ . A. do homework. B. Watch TV. C. Read books.

II 笔试部分(70分)


( )1.A.tall B.thin C.man ( )2.A.mutton B.pork C.milk ( )3.A.on B.in C.table ( )4.A.Monday B.Friday C.day ( )5.A.closet B.mirror C.room


( )1.________ there a path in the village ? A. Is B. Are C. Am ( )2. What do you have _______ Mondays?

A. on

B. for C. To

( )3.What would you like for lunch?I'd like some ______. A. green beans B. green bean C. bean

( )4.This is a picture ________my family. A. of B. at C. in

( )5.There ________a pencil and two pens in my pencils -case. A. is B. are C. am

( )6. What can you do ____ home?

A. on B. in C. At

( )7--Can you make the bed ?--Sorry ,I________. A. Can B. can't C. am ( )8.Is he strict? _______, he is.

A. No

B. yes C. Yes

( )9.--What do you ________for lunch today ?

--I have fish and cabbages. A. do B. has C. have

( )10.I don’t like grapes .They 're________. A. sour B. tasty C. sweet

三、从右栏中找出与左栏内容一致的句子。(10分) ( )1. Is she quiet? A. I do my homework.

( )2. What day is it today ? B No, she is very active. ( )3. I don't like grapes. C. It's Tuesday.

( )4.Who's your English teacher? D. They are sour. ( )5.What do you do on Sundays? E. Mr. Zhao.

四、根据汉语,完成句子。(10分) 1.我们在周五上英语、数学。

We_________ English and Math on_____. 2.他们在周六通常看电视。

They often __________TV__________ Saturdays. 3.午饭想吃点什么?我想吃土豆和鱼。

What would you ________for_______? I'd like some ________and _______.


Jim_________ __________the meals at home.

五、连词组句。(10分) (1) Are, there, trees, any, in , the, park ? ________________________________________________________

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