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一、根据听到的句子选单词,并把字母编号写在括号里。(共10题,每小题1分) ( )1、A. talk B. tall C. tail ( )2、A. write B. light C. right ( )3、A. very B. every C. many

( )4、A. music B. much C. museum ( )5、A. thin B. think C. thank

( )6、A. wash clothes B. watch TV C . what co lour ( )7、A. walk B. week C. work ( )8、A. turn right B. turn left C. go straight ( )9、A. police B. please C. pen pal ( )10、A. read books B. reading books C. reads books 二、根据你听到的句子意思判断正误,对的打“√ ”,错的打“ ╳ ”。(10分) 1. My mother is a teacher. ( ) 2. Jane’s favourite co lour is red. ( ) 3. The rain comes from the water. ( ) 4.It’s Sunday today. ( ) 5. The cinema is south of the bank. ( ) 三、听问题,选答句, 写字母编号。(共 5小题,每小题2分) ( )1、A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, he does. C. Yes, she does. ( )2、A. It’s warm. B. It’s cold. C. It’s cool. ( )3、A. No, it isn’t. B. No, I’m not. C. No, I don’t. ( )4、A. They are 45 yuan. B. It’s 45 yuan. C. It’s cheap. ( )5、A. I like diving. B. He likes swimming. C. She likes running. 四、听句子,填写所缺单词(共5题5空,每空1分)

1、Get off at the ___________ .2、__________ is the library? It’s next to the cinema. 3、What does your father do? He’s a __________.

4、You can go _________ for five minutes. It’s not far. 5. Tom likes _________ a bike. 五.听一段对话, 判断下列五个句子的对错,对的打“√”,错的打“╳”(10分) ( )1. Sam is eleven.

( ) 2. Sam often goes to school by subway.

( )3. Sam doesn’t like showing his stamps in the class. ( )4. Sam is going to buy some stamps in the bookstore. ( )5. Sam’s school is near his home.



( A. How about you? B. Where is the cinema? C. Do you go on foot? D. Where are you going this weekend? E. How can you get there? F. Can you go on foot? G. What do you usually do on the weekend? ) A: ? B: I’m going to the cinema.

A: ? B: It’s next to the science museum. A: ? B: I can get there by the No. 15 bus. A: Thank you very much. B: ________________________? A: I’m going to the bookstore. B: __________________________?

A: Yes, I can go on foot. It’s not far.


Many people don’t have the same hobbies, but they can still be good friends. Li Yang and Wang Li are good friends. Li collects stamps and often shows them to Wang. Wang doesn’t like collecting things. He likes swimming. Wang often asks Li to go swimming with him, but Li always says he is busy. Yes, he is always busy with his stamps. “You should collect something,” Li often says to Wang. Wang likes playing the violin, but Li doesn’t. Li likes playing the piano. They like to help each other. That’s why they are good friends. ( )1、Wang Li and Li Yang are ______. A. twins B. friends

( )2、Wang Li and Li Yang ______ the same things. A. like B. likes ( )3、Wang Li likes _________. A. collecting stamps B. swimming

( )4、Li Yang doesn’t like ______. A. playing the violin B. playing the piano ( )5、Li Yang and Wang Li ____have the same hobbies. A. doesn’t B. don’t B. 阅读,判断下列句子与短文内容是否一致,对的 打“√”,错的打 “×”。

Li Qing and Li Ping are twins. They’re thirteen. They live with their uncle and aunt in Guangzhou. Their uncle has a son. His name is Li Hai. Li Qing, Li Ping and Li Hai study at Yucai Primary School, but they’re not in the same class.Li Hai’s parents are teachers. They teach Chinese at Yucai Primary School. They work hard. All their students like them.The three children go to school together. They eat their lunch at the school canteen. After school, they often play ping-pong together. ( ) 1. Li Qing and Li Ping are brothers.

( ) 2. Li Qing and Li Ping are Li Hai’s cousins. ( ) 3. Li Qing, Li Ping and Li Hai are classmates. ( ) 4. Li Hai’s parents work at the same school.

( ) 5. Li Hai, Li Qing and Li Ping have lunch at school. 八、短文选词填空(共10空,每空1分)

I’m Mike. I _______ to buy some books ________ Sunday. The bookstore is _______ to the post office. I can _______ to the bookstore _______ the No. 47 bus. Get _______ at the railway station, and then walk _______. The ________ is ________ the right. I want to ________ five books. (what, want, this, near, go, buy, by, next, off, bookstore, straight, on, in)


1、A: ? B: I like diving.

2、A: ? B:You can go by the No.21 bus to the cinema. 3、A: ? B:Yes, he teaches math. 4、A: ? B:He works in a bank.

5、A: ? B:No, I am going to buy a comic book. 十、根据所给信息写五句以上的连贯的话语。(不少于五句话) (10分) Name Job How she goes to work Hobby

Amy’s mother teacher on foot collecting stamps


一、1. The dog’s tail is short.

2. Every weekend, Amy writes e-mails to me.

3. I can see many monkeys in the mountains.

4. The hospital is near the science museum.

5. Mr. Zhu is tall and thin.

6. I usually watch TV in the evening.

7. Miss Li works in a school.

8. Turn right at the cinema.

9. Where is the library?

10. I like reading books.

二、 1. Is your mother a teacher? Yes, she is.

2. What co lour do you like? I like black best.

3. Does the rain come from the clouds? Yes, it does.

4. What’s the date today? It’s June 2nd. It’s Sunday.

5. Where is the cinema? It’s south of the bank.

三.1. Does Mr. Wu watch TV at night?

2. What’s the weather like in spring?

3. Are you going to the library this afternoon?

4. How much are the comic books?

5. What’s Amy’s hobby?

四.1. Get off at the bookstore.

2. Where is the library? It’s next to the cinema.

3. What does your father do? He’s a singer.

4. You can go straight for five minutes. It’s not far.

5. Tom likes riding a bike.

五.A: Excuse me, can I ask you some questions? B: Sure.

A: What is your name? B: My name is Sam.

A: How old are you? B: I’m 11 this year.

A: How do you go to school? B: I usually go to school on foot. My home is near the school. A: What’s your hobby? B: I like collecting stamps. I often show my stamps in the class. A: Are you going to buy some stamps in the bookstore this weekend? B: Yes, I am. A: Thank you. B: You’re welcome.

KEYS: D, B, G, A, F

1. B 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. B

1. × 2.√ 3. × 4. √ 5. ×

八.Want, on, next, go, by, off, straight, bookstore, on, buy

九.1. What is your hobby? 2. How can I go to the cinema?

3. Does he teach math? 4. Where does he work?

5. Are you going to buy a magazine?

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