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PEP六年级英语下册Unit 1 A let's read

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Section A
Let’s read

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Short shorter shorter shorter Tall taller taller taller Young younger younger younger Old older older older Thin thinner thinner thinner Strong stronger stronger stronger Short! Tall! Young! Old! Thin! Strong!

Mike is taller than Lee. Lee is taller than Sue. Sue is taller than Amy. How tall are you? Amy is smaller than Sue. Sue is smaller than Lee. Lee is smaller than Mike. Are you smaller than me.

How old are you? I’m … years old. How tall are you? I’m …cm tall. How heavy are you? I’m …kg.
… is older /younger than… . … is taller /shorter than… . … is thinner/stronger than… .

Read and answer.
1. Who goes to the zoo? Ben and his dad.

2. What animal do they see?
They see some monkeys.

Read and tick “T” or “F”.

( F)1. The yellow monkey is stronger. ( F)2. Ben like the brown monkey.

( F)3. The brown monkey is 150 cm tall.
(T )4. The little monkey’s tail is 38 cm long.

Read and answer.

1. Which monkey is stronger? The brown one. 2. Which monkey is taller? The yellow one. 3. How tall is the yellow monkey? It’s 150 cm tall. 4. Is the little monkey’s tail very long? Yes, it is. 5. Which monkey does Ben like? The little one.

Finish the sentences.
taller (1)The yellow monkey is _________ than the brown one. stronger (2) The brown monkey is _________ than the yellow one. 40 cm (3) The little monkey is only________ tall. shorter (4) The little monkey is _______ than Ben.

Ben and his father go to the zoo.

They see many monkeys.

the brown monkey

the yellow monkey

the little monkey

Which monkey do you like? I like the yellow monkey. one It’s taller than the brown monkey . one

Which monkey is stronger? The yellow monkey is taller. The brown monkey is stronger.

38 cm
40 cm

I like the little monkey. It’s younger. Its tail is 38 cm long . I think the little monkey is only 40 cm tall .

I think the yellow monkey is 150 cm tall .


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