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2013学年上学期期末 五年级英语随堂检测题 (检测试时间:40分钟)

一、用书写体按顺序默写26个字母的大小写形式。(每个1分,共26分) 二、读一读,选一选。(10分) (一)找出下列单词或词组的正确中文。 ( )1.curtain A 垃圾箱 B窗帘 ( )2.closet A 衣橱 B镜子 ( )3.potato A 土豆 B葡萄 ( )4.water the flowers A做饭 B浇花 ( )5.clean the bedroom A床头柜 B打扫卧室 (二)找出下列单词的正确缩写形式。 ( )1.Wednesday A wed. B Wed. ( )2.Thursday A Thu B Thu.

( )3.Sunday A Sun. B Sund. ( )4.Who is A Who’s B Who ’is

( )5.He is A He’s B She’s


1.t____ ll(高的) 2.____ld (年老的)

3.M____nday( 星期一 ) 4.w____ tch(看)

5.f___sh (鱼) 6. tof____ (豆腐)



( )1. A.Mr Hu is old.

B.Miss White is active.

( )2. A.It’s a dog.

B.It’s Friday.

( )3. A.I have some tomatoes.

B.I have tofu.

( )4. A.There is a trash bin.

B.There is a book.

( )5. A.I can clean the bedroom.

B.I can cook the meals.


( )1. What can you do? A. I do my homework.

( )2. What day is it today ? B . I can sweep the floor.

( )3. What’s your favourite food?. C. It's Tuesday.

( )4. Who's your math teacher? D. Fish .

( )5. What do you do on Sundays? E. Mr. Zhao.


( )1.______ is your math teacher?

A. What B. Who C. Are

( )2.----What day is it today?


A. 2:00 B. Tuesday C. a book

( ) 3.________ there any pandas in the mountain?

A. Is B. Do C. Are

( )4.Is there a river ________ the park?

A. On B. at C. in

( )5.There ________a park in the city.

A. is B. be C. are

( )6.Is this ________ bedroom?

A. you B. he C. your

( )7--Can you make the bed ?

--Sorry ,I________.

A. Can B. can't C. am

( )8.________can you do?

A. What B. Who C. Where

( )9. —Are you helpful at home?

— .

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I can. C. Yes, I do.

( )10. I watch TV Saturdays.

A. in B. at C. on

七、阅读短文,判断下列语句的正误,对的打√错的打×。(10分) Hello! This is my friend Tom. He likes English very much.Tom likes beef, eggplant and tofu. Tom can do the dishes, set the table and water the flowers. Today is Saturday. Tom often reads books, does his homework and watches TV on Saturdays. What do you do on weekends?

His home is near a river, there are some mountains behind his house. There is a road in front of the house. There are two bridges over the river. Welcome to my home .

( ) 1. Tom likes beef ,eggplant and tofu.

( ) 2. Tom can sweep the floor.

( ) 3. Tom often waters the flowers on Saturdays.

( ) 4. There are some mountains in front of his house.

( ) 5. There are two bridges over the river.

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