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Unit4 身体语言教学设计

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Unit4 Body Languange

语法项目:v-ing form used as attibute and adverbial的教学设计

一.The type of class: grammar

二.Teaching aims:

Enable students to master v-ing form used as attribute and adverbial

三.Teaching methods:

Combining explanation with practice; discussing in groups;acting in groups 四the aid of theaching


五.The procedure of teaching

Step1 lead-in ( 2minutes)

(语境中掌握语法;通过课文的学习,要求同学们背诵出下列句子,对doing 作定语和状语有一个感性认识,为下一步的理性认识做好铺垫。用多媒体展示下列句子)


1. I saw several young people enter the waiting area looking around curiously .

2. I stood for a minute watching them and then went to greet them.

3. Yesterday,another student and I ,representing our university’s student

association,went to the Capital International Airport to meet this year’s international students.

4. They also express their feelings using unspoken “language” through physical

distance ,action or posture.

Step2 v-ing form used as attibute ( 8minutes)

(对doing 作定语理论上进行讲解,让学生对其科学地系统地加以把握。利用多媒体)

一、 动词-ing形式作定语

be+doing 谓语动词形式

doing 非谓语动词形式

Tom is reading a book now.

Tom was reading a book at nine O’clock last night.

The girl reading a book is my friend.

现在分词作定语往往与被修饰的词靠得很紧, 渐渐地成为一个复合词。这种分词叫分词形容词 (the Participle Adjective), 实际上相当于一个单纯的形容词, 表示“正在进行” 或“主动”的意义。如:

boiling water (沸腾的水);falling leaves (正在下落的叶子);smiling faces (笑脸) a boy standing under the tree(正站在树下的一个男孩)

1. The boy standing under the tree is a classmate of mine.


2.China is a developing country.



the waiting area=the area for waiting(等候区)

a walking stick=a stick for walking(手扙)

a writing table =a table for writing(写字桌)

1.There is a swimming pool in our school.


2.We are waiting outside the operating room.



单个的动词-ing形式,一般放在被修饰的名词的前面, 作前置定语。

1.China is a developing country.(中国是一个发展中国家)

2.She recognized Tony ’s smiling face.(她认出了汤姆的笑脸)


动词-ing形式短语作定语时, 通常要放在被修饰的名词的后面, 在意思上相当于


1. The boy, standing under the tree ,is a classmate of mine.


(=who is standing under the tree)

2.The person translating the songs can speak seven languanges.


(=the person who translates the songs)

3.He is a student,working hard at his studieos.


(=a student,who works hard at his studies)

Step 3 句子背诵(2minutes)


提高辨别doing 作定语的能力。利用多媒体展示。规定一分钟记忆时间。一分


1.There is a swimming pool in our school.

2.China is a developing country.

3.The boy, standing under the tree ,is a classmate of mine.

4.The person translating the songs can speak seven languanges.

Step4 practice(6minutes)

(通过基础题,巩固提高对doing 作定语的认识。利用多媒体展示。三分钟独立



1.Peter received a letter______(say) his grandma would come to see him soon.

2.There is a ______(swim) pool in our school.

3.The girl _____(sit) at the back of the classroom is my best friend.

4.Is the wallet ____(lie) on the ground yours?

ⅡCombine the sentence by using attributive-ing verb forms.

1.The man held the front door open and bowed deeply. The man was smiling.

2.There was a man. He was sitting on the sofa.

3.He stayed in the room for over an hour during the operation. The room was for


4.The field of flowers seemed to go on for miles. The flowers were waving in the


Step 5 v-ing used as adverbial(8 minutes)

(对doing 作状语理论上进行讲解,让学生对其科学地系统地加以把握.。利用多媒体)




Her husand died, leaving her 5 children.



She sat at the desk reading a newspaper.



Being ill ,she went home.



Working hard ,you’ll make great progress.


(如果你努力,就会取得 很多的进步)

Having been told many times, he couldn’t understand what I meant.




Watching television,_________

A.the doorbell rang

B.the door bell rings

C.we heard the doorbell ring

D.we heard the doorbell rings

③动词-ing形式在句中作状语时,位置可在主 句之前,也可在主句之后;有无逗号均可。

Her husand died, leaving her 5 children

She sat at the desk reading a newspaper

Being ill ,she went home

Having been told many times, he couldn’t understand what I meant.

④v.-ing与句中主语构成逻辑上的主谓关系,与句中谓语动词同时发生;having+v.-ed与句中主语构成逻辑上的主谓关系,先于谓语动词发生;having been +v.-ed 与句中主语构成逻辑上的动宾关系,且先于谓语动词发生; Having finished their work ,they had a rest.

Feeling tired ,she went to bed early.

Having been told many times, he couldn’t understand what I meant

Step6句子背诵 (2 minutes)

(理解的基础上加以背诵,达到脱口而出的程度,有力于形成同学们的语感,提高辨别doing 作状语的能力。利用多媒体展示。规定一分钟记忆时间。一分钟个别同学抽查。抽查中等偏下的同学,增强其学英语的信心)

She sat at the desk reading a newspaper

Being ill ,she went home.

Having finished their work ,they had a rest.

Feeling tired ,she went to bed early.

Having been told many times, he couldn’t understand what I meant.


(通过基础题,巩固提高对doing 作状语的认识。利用多媒体展示。五分钟独立做题时间,二分钟小组讨论,一分钟核对答案)


1._______(wait ) in the queue for half an hour ,Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home.

2._______(hear) the news,they all jumped with joy

3.He walked down the hill, ______(sing)softly to himself.


Because I had experienced earthquakes before,I wasn’t frightened.

Having experienced earthquakes before, I wasn’t frightened.

1.When she woke up in the middle of the night she

saw her room as bright as day

2.Because I had spent all night reading the documents,I was very tired the next day.

3.The car raced past. It almost hit us as it turned the corner.

4.Your mother just called.She hoped to talk to you.

Ⅲ.Use the –ing forms of the verbs below to complete the following sentences laugh compete smile touch approach shake

1.We were all nervous about the ________examinations.

2.I always know when my mother is telling a joke. After a few seconds ,she always looks at me________.

3.Business leaders often look serious .They do not often have _____faces.

4.After the dog fell in the lake, it climbed out _______itself.

5.It is exciting to watch______athletes reach the other end of the swimming pool.

6.The blind man walked _____the walls of the building.

Step 8 acting in groups( 6minutes)

(提高同学们口语表达能力,加深对doing 作定语和状语的理解。小组练习四分钟,二分钟一组主动到前面表演。)

work in groups of four

Add more actions to these lists.Then combine the primary and secondary actions to make a sentence about a student in your group.That student must act out what you say.

Primary actions secondary actions

walk around the desk frown(deeply)

look for an eraser jump(on one foot)

sit on the desk smile

pick up a textbook laugh

stand up shake one’s head

Possible answers:

A.Cheng Hui walks around the desk ,jumping on one foot.

B.The frowning girl,Wang Jing ,picked up her English book and threw it on the floor.

C.Li Sen sat on the desk,laughing.

D.Li Jing is looking for an eraser,shaking her head.

Step 9 高考链接(3 minutes)



1.Do you wake up _____energetic and ready to start a new day?(湖南2011)

A.feel B. to feel C.feeling D. felt

2.At one point I made up my mind to talk to Uncle Sam.Then I changed my mind, _______that he could do nothing to help.(上海2011)

A.to realize B. realized C. realizing D. being realized

3.More highways have been bulit in China, ______it much easier for people to travel from one place to another.(陕西2011)

A.making B. made C.to make D. having made

4._________around the fire, the tourists danced with the local people.(辽宁2011)

A.Gather B.To gather C.Gathering D. To be gathering

5.____ to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead.(重庆2008)

A. Fail B. Failed C. To fail D. Having failed

6._____around the Water Cube, we were then taken to see the Bird’s Nest for the 2008 Olympic Games.(陕西2008)

A. Having shown B. To be shown

C. Having been shown D. To show

7.Recently a survey ____prices of the same goods in two different supermarkets has caused heated debate among citizens.(江苏2011)

A. compared B. comparing

C. compares D. being compared

8.Look over there---there’s a very long, winding path ____up

to the house.(山东2011)

A. leading B. leads C. led D. to lead

Step 10 小结


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