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5上 unit5 paper

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一. 单词翻译(20分)

1.衣柜 ___________ 2、镜子___________ 3、床头柜___________ 4、窗帘___________

5、垃圾箱___________ 6、卫生间___________ 7、厨房___________ 8、卧室___________ 9、在、、、、下面___________ 10、在、、、、、上面___________ 11、在、、、、、、、里面___________

12、在、、、、、、后面___________ 13、在、、、、、旁边___________ 14、look at___________

15.own___________ 16.in front of ___________ 17.over___________ 18.客厅___________

19.air-conditioner ___________ 20.work___________


1.I have my own room now.

2.It’s on the third floor.

3.There are green curtains and two end tables.

4.This is a picture of my room.

5.The mirror is over the air-conditioner.

6.There is a bed , a desk , a closet and a shelf.

7.The trash bin is behind the door.






13.The computer is on the desk.

14.What’s your room like ?

15.There is a computer ,I work with it .


( )1.Is this your bedroom? A.I can see a bed.

( )2.What’s in your study? B.Yes, it’s near the table.

( )3.Is it near the table? C.It’s a bag .

( )4.What’s on the desk ? D.There is a shelf , a chair and a desk.

( )5.What can you see in my room? E.No,it isn’t.


1.are , two , desks , there , in , my , room (.)

2.is , behind , trash , the , the , bin , door (.)

3.is , picture , where , the (?)

4.this , your , is , bedroom, (?)

5. is , in , there , of , a , chair ,the , front , desk (.)

6. the , of , look , classroom , at , picture ,my ( .)

7.me , you , please , can , tell ( ? )


( )1.There ________ a desk in the picture. A.in B.are C.is

( )2.There ______ many books in my bag. A.are B,is C.of

( )3.Betty is sitting in front ________ the window. A.eleven B.seven

( )4.How many days are there in a week(周)?There are___________.

A.eleven B.seven C.six

( )5.There are three green ________ in the classroom. A.bag C.boy

( )6.What’s your room ________ ? A. like B.in C.from

( )7.It’s time ________ to school now. A.to B.for C.to go

( )8.The trash bin is ________ the door. A. in B.on C.behind

( )9.-- _______ are the picture? --- They’re on the wall.

A.What B.Which C.Where

C.of D.balls

( )10.There _______ some orange juice in the glass(杯子). A.is B.are C.isn’t

( )11.There is ________ end table near the bed. A.some B.a C.an


1. The trash bin is ________ the door.

2. Our flat is on the _______ floor.

3. The picture of my family is ______ the bed.

4. There are four windows ________ the wall.

5. I’m tall. Ann is short. She’s standing (站立) ________ me.

七.请选择there is 或there are 填空.

1._________ a board ,two pictures and many desks in our classroom .

2._________ three pandas and a tiger in the zoo.

3.__________ a ruler ,a pen and four pencils in the pencil-case.

4._________ an apple , an orange and five bananas in my bag.

5.___________ two end tables ,a lamp and a table in your room.


(1) 根据所给的汉语提示,填空

This is my house . There is a ___________(卫生间),a ___________(厨房) and a ____________ (客厅)in it . My ________(卧室) is big and nice .There is a bed , a desk and a chair in it . The _________(窗帘) is blue and white.


( )1.There is a卫生间 and two 客厅 in my house .

( )2.The卧室 is big and nice.

( )3.There is a bed , a desk and a chair in the厨房.

( )4.I have two closets in my 卧室.

( )5.The窗帘 in my room is blue and white.

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