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book 2 第四课单词

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bleeding ['bli:di?] ? 1)adj. 出血的, 流血的 ? a bleeding wound 流血的伤口 ? 2)【英】【俚】该死的,非常的 What a bleeding idiot! 真是个该死的傻瓜! ? Get your bleeding hands off my car!

? capsule

['k? psju:l] ? n. 胶囊, 瓶帽, 航天舱 ? The space capsule held three astronauts.

? harmless

['hɑ:mlis] ? adj. 无害处的, 未受损害的, 无辜的, 无恶 意的 ? Most of these bugs are harmless to us. ? The dog seems fierce, but he's harmless. 这狗看似凶狠,但不伤人。 ? 反义词:harmful adj. 伤害的

heal [hi:l] ? v. 1)使愈合,治愈 ? It took three months for my arm to heal properly. ? 2) 调停,消除(分歧等) ? The leader tried to heal the divisions within his party. ? heal a quarrel 平息一场争吵 ? Time heals all sorrows. ? 时间可化解一切忧伤.

placebo [pl?'si:b?u] ? n. 安慰剂 ? placebo effect宽慰作用(服安慰剂後的). ? prescribe [pris'kraib] ? vt. 1) 开处方 ? The doctor prescribed three days' rest for her. ? 医生为她开了三天休息。 ? She prescribed some pills to help me to sleep. ? 她让我吃些药片以利睡眠.

prescribe ? 2) 指示,规定 ? We should all do as the law prescribes. 我们都应依法办事。 ? prescription n. 药方,处方 ? These pills can be obtained by prescription only. 这些药丸只有凭医生处方才能买到。

reaction [ri'? k??n] ? n. 1)反应 ? What was his reaction to the news? ? Running away is our instinctive reaction when we meet danger. ? 遇到危险时, 我们的本能反应就是跑开。 ? an allergic reaction to animals, birds, etc 对兽类 ﹑ 鸟类等的过敏反应 ? 2)反抗,对抗 ? The forces of reaction made reform difficult. ? 反动势力给改革造成了困难.

reality [ri'? liti] n. 1)现实 ? He is out of touch with reality. 他脱离现实。 ? escape from the reality 逃避现实 ? face (up to) (ie accept) reality 正视(承认)现实. ? bring sb back to reality 使某人面对现实 ? 2)真实,实在 ? the lifelike reality of his paintings 他的绘画作品中表 现的真实性

reassurance [,ri:?'?ur?ns] ? n. 安心, 慰藉,放心, 再保证 ? Teenagers need love, encouragement and reassurance from their parents.

? seasickness ? n.

晕船 ? In case of seasickness, stay outdoors on the top deck and focus on the horizon.

swear [sw??] (swore, sworn) ? vt. 1) 发誓, 使宣誓 ? I don’t know anything about what happened, I swear. ? Alan swore that he would do everything in his power to help us. ? 2)咒骂,诅咒 ? Stop swearing in front of the children. ? When the taxi driver started to swear at him, he walked off.

? treatment

['tri:tm?nt] ? n. 1) 治疗, 疗法 ? She is responding well to treatment. ? Heat treatment certai

nly helped my knee. ? 2) 处理(方式);对待(方式),待遇 ? The prisoners complained of ill treatment by their guards.

tribal [traibl] adj. 部落的, 宗族的 ? They would go back to their tribal lands. ? 名词:tribe部落,宗族 ? the twelve tribes of ancient Israel [?izrei ?l] 早期以 色列人十二支族 ? ulcer ['?ls?] n. 溃疡, 腐烂物 ? a mouth/stomach ulcer ? My mouth has an ulcer. 我的口腔出现了溃疡.

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