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【1. Understand the structure and the usage of the Present Perfect Passive Voice. 2. By studying, they can use the Present Perfect Passive Voice correctly. 【用法指导】

仔细认真完成预学案,总结并记忆被动语态的特点. 【预学】 语法知识回顾:

现在完成时基本结构:______have+pp_____________________ 被动语态的基本结构: _____be+pp



Task 1 Self-study


1) He has repaired the machine for two hours. The machine has been repaired for two hours.

2) The teacher has borrowed the books.

The books has been borrowed

Task3 连词成被动句

1. the Summer Palace, millions of people, visit, all over the world

The Summer Palace has been visited by millions of people all over the world 2. to turn Beijing into a green city, the city officials, a plan, make

A plan has been made to turn Beijing into a green city by the city officials 3. set up, learn more about the cultural relics, a website, to help people A website has been set up to help people earn more about the cultural relics 4. to stop people from polluting the air, a new law, pass

A new law has been passed to stop people from polluting the air. 5. five doctors and ten nurses, a team, make up of

A team has been made up of five doctors and ten nurses

Task4 完成下列改错,思考被动语态需要注意哪几点。 1. Great changes have been taken place in China since 1978. Great changes have taken place in China since 1978.

2. She has been laughed by her classmates since young.

She has been laughed at by her classmates since young.

3. When and where to go for a trip have not been decided yet. When and where to go for a trip has not been decided yet. 4. Many companies have been ran by Tom since 1979. Many companies have been run by Tom since 1979.

5. The child has been taken good care by Grandma Wang all these years. The child has been taken good care of by Grandma Wang all these years.


4. Many new teaching buildings ___since 1980.

A. were built B. will be built C. have been built D. had been built

【固学】 5. She__________ Robert for a year.

1. No permission has ______ for anybody to enter the building. A. married B. married with C. has been marrying D. has been married to

A. been given B. gave C. given D. be give 6. There is a crowd of people over there. What do you suppose_____?

2. By 2003, 28 Chinese culture relics ______ on World Heritage List by UNESCO. A. did happen B. has happened C. is happen D. has been happened

A. be placed B. placed C. have been placed D. have placed 7. Every possible means ______to prevent the air pollution.

3. A lot of money ______ to protect the old temple. A. is used B. are used C. has been used D. have been used

A. have been spent B. has spent C. have spent D. has been 8. —I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final.

spent —I think so. He ____ for it for months.

4. The Summer Palace ____ by so many tourists that some of the relics are not well A. is preparing B. was preparing

protected. C. had been preparing D. has been preparing

A. has been visited B. is visited C. to be visited D. visits 9. She has______ by her classmates.

5. The Great Wall ______ many times in history. A. laughed B. laughed at C. been laughed D. been laughed at

A. is rebuilt B. has been rebuilt C. been rebuilt D. rebuilt 10. Rainforests_____ and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the

6. The Stonehenge ___ existed for more than 3,000 years. A. is B. be C. has been earth in the near future.

D.has been A. cut B. are cut C. are being cut D. had been cut

7.-How many times ______ not to play with fire?-I’m sorry. I’ll never do that again. A. do you tell B. had you told C. are you told D. have you been told 作业

1.Paper money ____ for over a thousand years. 8. The fire _______ to the fifth floor. _______ all the people _______?

A.used B.has been used C.has used D.is using A. has got; Have; been saved B. has been got; Have; saved

C. has got; Do; save D. has got; Have; saved

2.Great changes ____ in my hometown and a lot of 9. Old paintings ______ according to the descriptions.

factories ____. A. are carefully recreated B. have been carefully recreated

A.have been taken place; are being set up C. have be recreated D. been carefully recreated

B.have taken place; have been set up 10. The ancient king’s tomb ______ by thieves.

C.are taken place; had been set up A. be stolen B. stole C. stolen D. has been stolen

D.had taken place; will be set up


1. —We want to sit at the table near the window. 3.Come and sit down by the fire.Your hand ____ cold.

—I’m sorry,but it ________ already. A.has been felt B.feels C.is felt D.has felt

A. has taken B. took C. was taken D. has been taken

2. Great changes ________ in my hometown and a lot of factories ________. 4.The fire ____to the fifth floor.____ all the people____? A. have been taken place;are being set up A.has got;Have;been saved B.has been got;Have;saved B. have taken place;have been set up C.has got;Do;save D.has got;Have;saved C. are taken place;had been set up D. had taken place;will be set up 5.—We want to sit at the table near the window.

3. The water will be further polluted unless some measures________. 2


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