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一. 选出你所听到的单词。(5分)

( ) a. A walk B. talk C. park

( ) b. A. street B straight C. eight

( ) c. A there B. here C. help

( ) d. A. scared B. tired C. cold

( ) e. A. buy B. boy C hotel

二. Listen . Choose the corret answers.(10分)

( ) a. I see some children laughing _________.

A. quietly B. loudly C. happily

( ) b. I see some men _________.

A. having fun B. standing quietly C. laughing

( ) c. Don’t worry. I can _________ you.

A. hurt B. help C. see

( ) d. There are many _______ on the square.

A. buses B. trucks C. people

( ) e. This is __________ for Li Ming.

A. hard B. easy C. fun

( ) f. Let’s__________ on your arm.

A. fly a kite B. put a bandage C. take a picture

( ) g. Uncle Wang’s family visits _________ in Beijing.

A. many shops B. many people C. many places 1

( ) h. There are many great ________ in the Palace Museum.

A. parks B. buildings and gardens C. places

( ) i. Philip is Uncle Wang’s _____________.

A. brother B. friend C. son

( ) j. There is a beautiful ______ in the middle of a sitting room.

A. wooden desk B. wooden bed C. wooden chair

三. 补全单词。(10分)

cam_ _(照相机)h__ __t(刺痛)ev_ _yone(人人)

dr_ _(绘画)P_ __ple(人) l__tt__r(信) l__ft(左)

st_ _p(邮票) b__tto_ (底部) c__r n_ _(角落)

四 按要求写单词。(10分)

1. loud(副词)________ 2.woman(复数)_______3.slow(反义词)_______

4.hard(反义词)_____ 5.shop(现在分词)______

五. 选择恰当的一项。(20分)

( ) 1. There ___some women in the park. A. is B.are C. have D. has

( ) 2.What book are you ____now?

A. seeing B. looking C. reading D. watching

( ) 3. There is ______old man on the train. A an B a C / D are

( ) 4. There is a cup __milk on the table. A with B up C of D on

( ) 5.Danny ___ a snack. A. buying B. buys C buyed D by

( ) 6.May I __ some grapes?A. to have B having C have D has

( ) 7.Everyone _____to go shopping.A want B wants C am D 2


( ) 8.I put a new film ___ my camera.

A in B at C on D to

( ) 9.They aren’t quick. They walk _____.

A quick B slow C slowly D quickly

( ) 10.May I take ____ picture.

A your B you C yours D your’s

六 英汉短语搭配,选择合适的一项填入括号内。(10分)

( ) 1.be quiet a. 玩耍 ( )6.在下午 f. fly a kite

( ) 2.look out b. 玩牌 ( )7.散步 g.arrive in

( )3.play cards c. 安静 ( )8.放风筝 h.in the afternoon

( )4.have fun d. 向外看 ( )9.照相 i.go for a walk

( )5.play with e. 玩得开心 ( )10到达 j. take a picture

七 选词填空。(10分)

1. _______day is it today?

2. ______students are there in youre school?

3.________bread do you want? 4.________is my pencil—case? 5._______will your brother come here?

八 连词成句。(10分)

1. like tea would some you


2.is sleeping baby the now



3.this is who


4.scared feels everyone


5.do what you see


九 阅读短文,选择正确答案。(15分)

Today is Sunday. Jenny and Li Ming go shopping. Li Ming will go back China next week. So he wants to buy some gifts for his family. Li Ming shops quickly. He buys some tea for his father, a coat for his mother,a scarf for his sister. What does Jenny buy? Oh, she shops slowly. She just buys some postcards.

( )1.What do Li Ming and Jenny do ?

A. go swimming B go shopping C go home

( )2. What does Jenny buy?

A some postcards B a scarf C a coat

( )3.What does LiMing buy for his sister?

A a postcard B some tea C a scarf

( )4.What day is it today?

A.Sunday B. Saturday C.Monday

( )5.Does Li Ming shop quickly?

A.I don’t know. B.Yes, he does. C.No, he doesn’t. 4

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