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一. 判断划线部分读音是(T)否(F)相同。(5分) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二. 按要求答题。(10分)

1.she is (缩写形式 2. tall(反义词3.to(同音词 4.do housework(英译中)

5.popato(复数形式) 6.星期四(中译英)

7.first(基数词) 8.can’t(完整形式

9.摆餐具(中译英) good(英译中


1. is salty, are sweet.

A.Apple, grape B.Beef, apples C.Banana, beef

that woman like?

---- She’s tall and strong.

A.What’s B.What C.What does

3.It’s A.to play games B.play games C.do homework

4.We have math Friday morning.

A. on B. in C. at

5.I want to play football, but I’m tired now. I have a rest.

A. would B. can C. have to

6.There some and a plate on the table.

A.are, potatoes B.are, potatos C.is , potatoes

7.Is there in the park?

A.rivers B.lake C.a lake

8.-----What can you see?


A.I can see a bed. B.The bed is big. C.Yes,I can.

9.-----Can you water the flowers?

------No, .

A.I can B.I don’t C.I can’t

10.It’s tasty. It’s my food.

A.like B.love C.favourite

四.按要求答题。(10分) 就划线部分提问)

2.I can wash the clothes.(改为一般疑问句)

3.he ,like ,is ,what(?) (连词成句)

4. bridge,river,is,a,the,over,There(.)(连词成句)

5.Is there a clean river?(作否定回答)


1.村庄附近有森林吗?可以说;2,你会倒垃圾吗?应说A. Can you empty the trash?

B. Do you empty the trash?

3.这是你的新卧室吗?应说AIs this your new bedroom?

B.Is this your bedroom?

4.你想问别人周末做什么时,应说 A.What do you do on Mondays?

B.What do you do on weekends?


A.Our English teacher is active and funny.

B.Our English teacher is smart snd young.


My name is Sarah.Today is the first day of the new term(新学期)。We have three teachers.They are Mr Smith, Miss Zhang and Mrs Black. Mr Smith is a new teacher.He comes from New York and he teaches us English. His class is very funny and we like him very much.Miss Zhang is our art teacher.She is strict but she’s very kind.Mrs Black is so smart. They are all nice and we all like them.

( )1.I have teachers.

A,three B.two C.a

( )2.Mr Smith is teacher.

A.an English B.a math C.a Chinese

( an art teacher.

A.Mr Smith B.Mrs Black C.Miss Zhang

( smart.

A. Mr Smith B.Mrs Black C.Miss Zhang

5.Is Mr Smith strict and kind?

A.Yes,he is .

B.No,he isn’t.

C.No,he is.

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