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( )cute ( )duck ( )sofa ( )living room ( )use

( ) 8. There are two _________ in our bedroom.

A. bed B. beds C. bedrooms

( )9. Go to the _________. Take a shower.

A. bathroom B. bedroom C. living room

( )10. The ______ is in the bedroom.

A. kitchen B. chairs C. table

四、 选答语。(10分)

( )1. Where is your key? A. Yes, she is.

( )2. Is she in the living room? B. Ok.

( )3. Are they in the bag? C. It’s on the sofa.

( )4. Open the fridge. D. They’re in the bag.

( )5. Where are the pens? E. No, they aren’t.


1、are on the they desk(?)


2、is living this my room(.)


3、have I room a new(.)


4、it is the fridge in(?)


5、has blue a bed it(.)



( ) Ok.

( ) Are they on the table?

( ) Open the door, please. 5分)

( ) Look! They’re in the door.

( ) Where are the keys? ( ) No, they aren’t.

七、短文阅读,对的写“T”,错的写“F”。 (5分)

This is my bedroom. It is a nice room. There is a shelf(书架) in the bedroom. There are some books on the shelf. There is a bed near the window. There is a cat under the bed. Its name is Mimi. There is a desk in it, too. There are some flowers on the desk. Do you like my bedroom?

( )1. The bedroom is a nice room.

( )2. The shelf is in the bedroom.

( )3. The cat is on the bed.

( )4. On the desk there are some flowers.

( )5. The books are on the desk. 八、作文。要求不少于5句话,语言规范,表达正确,叙述详实。(5分)以“My room”为题,运用以下句型:Look at? It has? The? is? 介绍你的房间。提示词:sofa,phone,table, bed,fridge,blue,brown,red, black, near, in, on, under


一、1、duck 2、living room 3、cute 4、 use 5、sofa 二、1、Go to the bathroom. Take a shower.

2、The table is in the bathroom.

3、It is near the phone.

4、The keys are on the fridge.

5、Where is the sofa?


1、Open the window, please.

2、She’s in the kitchen.

3、I have a cat. She’s cute.

4、Zip is in the bathroom.

5、Look at my room.


( 3 )This is my living room.

( 5 )It has a blue bed.

( 4 )The bed is near the window.

( 1 )Go to the study. Read a book.

( 2 )Go to the bedroom. Have a nap.


1、Are they near the table?

2、Is it in your hand?

3、Open the fridge, please.

4、Where are they?

5、Is she in the bedroom?

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