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How do you go there? Part B
主讲老师: 沈 奇

Learning goal
? 学会用英文来表达交通信号灯,交通规则等说法。 ? 学会使用how can I get there? you go by…的句式 进行对话练习。

Let’s review
by plane by bike by ship on foot by bus

by train

by subway

Let’s review
--我通常骑自行车去。有时候坐公交车。我从来没 有步行去过。

--How do you go to school?
--I usually go to school by bike. Sometimes I go by bus. I never go on foot.

Let’s learn
How can I go to the park? You can go by the No.15 bus. Can I go on foot. Sure, if you like. It is not so far. How can I go…用来向别人询问交通方式。等于汉 语中“我怎么能去。。。”“去。。。怎么走?” 回答可以用you can go by…

Let’s learn

--天安门怎么走? --你可以坐公交车去。你也可以打出租车, 那样比较快。 --How can I go to the Tian’anmen? --You can go by bus. You can also go there by taxi. It is fast.

Let’s learn

traffic lights Look at the traffic lights.

Let’s learn

red light yellow light

green light

Red light means stop.

Yellow light means wait .

Green light means go .

Stop at a red light .

Go at a green light.

wait at a yellow light .

red light
Stop at a red light. yellow light Wait

traffic rules

at a yellow light.

green light
Go at a green light.

Let’s try
stop If the light is red, you must ___. If the light is yellow, you must ___. wait

go If the light is green, you must __.

Wait at a yellow light. Go at a green light.

Stop at a red light.

No bikes

No entry
No right turn One way

Turn left

Let’s learn
If you go by car , by bike or on foot, you must know the traffic rules.

The traffic lights are same in every country. They are ……
In China and US , drivers drive on the right side. In England and Australia , drivers drive on the left side.

Let’s learn
China US

left side

England Australia

right side

Thank you!

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