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( )1. ___ is on December 25.

A. Children’s Day. B. Christmas Day. C. Teacher’s Day.

( )2. What can you see ___ the room?

A. in B. on C. to

( )3. ---___ is this ball? ---It’s our ball.

A. What B. Where C. Whose

( )4. ----______.

----It is July 4.

A. What day is today?

B. What is the date?

C. What is the time?

( )5. ----___ do you get at Christmas?

----We get presents.

A. Where B. What C. When

( )6. ----___ are you going to do on Mother’s day?

A. Where B. What C. When

( )7. -----_________.

-----A bowl of rice and a hanburger, please.

A. What would you like?

B. What do you like?

C. What do you want to buy?

( )8. Whose sunglasses ______?

A. is this B. are these C. do they

( )9. ___ are playing ___ new game?

A. They; they B. They; their C. They; them

( )10. ___ is your birthday?

A. When B. What C. What time

( )11. Jim doesn’t _____ much money.

A. have B. has C. having

( )12. I don’t feel well. I’m going to ___ the doctor this afternoon.

A. look B. visit C. see

( )13. I want to wash my hands. Where is the ___?

A. pet shop B. toilet C. toy shop

( )14. ----Where is th bank?

----It’s ___ the restaurant and the supermarket.

A. above B. between C. in

( )15. Vegetables are good ___ you.

A. for B. to C. on


1. When is Teacher’s Day? A. Yes, I do.

2. Do you like pets? B. Some books.

3. Whose money is this? C. Thank you!

4. What are you going to buy? D. Tim’s.

5. Happy birthday! E. Sept. 10.




----____ is your grandpa’s ____?

----It’s in ____.

2. ---很快就国庆节了,你打算做什么呢?


---____ ___ is coming soon.

___ are you ___ ___ ___?

---I’m going to ___ a ___ ___ Tian’anmen Square.


I can ____ it ____.


What ____ you ____, Tom?


I don’t ____ money.


You don’t ____ very well.

四. 连词成句。(注意大小写和标点符号)

1. is playing badminton she (.)


2. can you card a make (?)


3. going to I’m throw ball a (.)


4. feel too hungry I (,) (.)


5. any you do have eggs (?)


五. 阅读理解


Bob is a little boy. He is five years old. Today his father takes him to see his grandparents. His grandparents live in another city. They go there by train. There are not many people on the train. Bob is very happy. He asks his father many questions. He likes his grandparents. It’s going to be lots of fun.


( )1. Bob and his father go to see his grandparents.

( )2. Bob’s grandparents live in another city.

( )3. There are many people on the train.

( )4. Bob doesn’t like his grandparents.

( )5. It’s going to be lots of fun.

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