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树人学校 6A 期末复习专项(四)总:065姓名 学号______ 选择填空。

( )1. I like English. How ____ you ?

A. are B. do C. about ( )2. Does Su Hai have hobbies?

A. some B. any C. all ( )3. The girl usually plays the violin Sunday morning.

A. at B. in C. on ( )4. He ____ to school from Monday to Friday.

A. go B. goes C. going ( )5. _____ am your English teacher. Please listen to ___.

A. I, mine B. I, me C. you, my ( )6. Kate __ blue eyes. Her hair brown.

A. has, is B. has, are C. have, is ( )7. The boy draws .

A. careful B. carefully C. be careful

( )8. Put your hands your head and turn left and right.

A. on, / B. on, to C. with, / ( )9. This is Ben. He is from . He speaks .

A.the USA, American B.American, English

C.the USA, English ( )10. Give me orange, please. I want big orange.

A. an, an B. a, an C. an, a

( )11.What _____ this _____? It _____ ‘No smoking’.

A. do, mean, means B. does, means, means C. does, mean, means

( )12. ______a note _____ the grass.

A. There’s , on B. Have, in C. Has, on

( )13.We shouldn’t _____ here and there.

A. litter B. littering C. litters

( )14.Can I _____ a film? No! You must _____ books.

A. look, look B. watch, read C. watch, reading

( )15. _____that sign interesting? Yes, I think so.

A. Does B. What’s C. Is

( )16.Her son knows a lot _____holidays.

A. of B. about C. with


( )17.Ben and Jack _____ some public signs _____ the wall.

A. look at, on B. are looking at, with C. are looking at, on

( )18.The park keeper ______ the man.

A. comes up to B. comes to up C. comes up

( )19.My uncle’s daughter is my ______.

A. sister B. aunt C. cousin D. brother

( )20.She has________ in her hand.

A. two roll of film B. two rolls of films

C. two roll of films D. two rolls film

( )21.Saturday is ______day ____ a week.

A. seven, of B. seventh, on C. the sixth, with D. the seventh, of

( )22.Would you like ______my home? Yes,______

A. to come to , I’d like to. B. coming, I’d like to.

C. to come, I do. D. coming, I do.

( )23.What _____ you like ______ a New Year’s present?

______ a yo-yo.

A. do, as, I’d like B. would, as, I’d like

C. do, for, I’d like to D. would, as, I’d like to

( )24.They are talking about ______birthdays.

A. his B. they C. their D. her

( )25.Helen is talking ______her parents ____her birthday party.

A. to, about B. about, in C. with, for D. for, at

( )26.I’d like a cake _______lots of ________.

A. have, strawberrys B. has, strawberries

C. for, strawberrys D. with, strawberries

( )27.Kate is telling her classmate about Halloween __the phone.

A. in B. at C. on D. by

( )28.It’s time ______lunch.

A. for B. to C. for have D. have

( ) 29. The boys and girls are ___the running race in the


A. looking B. watching C. seeing

( ) 30. We are watching __________ football match.

A. an excited B. an exciting C. an excite

( ) 31. There are ___________ on the ground.

A. two rolls of film B.two rolls of films C. two roll of films

( )32. I have two __________

A. diary B. diarys C. diaries


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