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树人学校 6A 期末复习专项(五)总:066姓名 学号______ 选择填空

( ) 1. Your watch was there _______.

A. now B. just now C. a moment

( ) 2. My key is on the floor. Can you ________ for me?

A. pick it up B. pick up it C. lift it up

( ) 3. My diary is _______ yours.

A. in the front of B. next to C. next

( ) 4. The photos aren’t there_______,but they were there _____

A. a moment ago, now B. just now, a moment ago

C. now, a moment

( ) 5. There_a pair of glasses under the newspaper a moment ago.

A. is B. were C. was

( ) 6. Try _______ where the things are

A. remember B. remembering C. to remember

( ) 7. Can you teach ________ English?

A. I B. me C. my

( ) 8. All the people are very _______ now.

A. excite B. exciting C. excited

( ) 9. She is_________ a _______ race in the playground.

A. watching, run B. looking, running C. watching, running

( ) 10. _______ your sister at home yesterday?

A. Was B. Were C. Are

( )11. ______ speak loudly . Keep quietly, please.

A. Don’t B. Shouldn’t C. Doesn’t D. Wouldn’t ( )12. What ______ is it today? It’s Tuesday.

A. date B. time C. day D. week

( )13. There’s a basketball _____ the desk and the chair.

A. near B. beside C. under D. between

( )14. Where ______ you a week ago? I _____ in Beijing.

A. was were B. were was C. was was D. were were ( )15. He is ____ Ben some questions ______ public signs.

A. asks to B. asks as C. asking about D. asking to ( )16. What does that sign mean? _________

A. It means you must keep from the grass.

B. It means you must keep off the grass.


C. They mean you shouldn’t keep off the grass.

D. They mean you should keep from the grass.

( )17. The teachers are in front of ________.

A. my B. our C. us D. they

( )18. When’s your birthday, Liu Tao? My birthday’s __________.

A. of January B. in January C. on January D. in the January ( )19. Can I go to the park? _________

A. Yes, you can’t. B. No , I can’t.

C. No, you can. D. Yes, you can.

( )20. It’s time _____ listen to some music.

A. to B. for C. with D. of

( )21. -______ your birthday?

- It’s on the 1st of May.

A . What’s B. When’s C. Where’s

( )22. -Wang Bing, are you and Mike in _______ team?

- Yes, we are.

A .same B. different C. the same

( )23. Look, Mike’s ______.

A . shootting B. shoot C. shooting

( )24. -What would you like?

- Some _______.

A . fish B. fishs C. fishes

( )25. -Is the running race ______?

- Yes, it is.

A . excited B. exciting C. excite

( )26. -Happy birthday to you!

- _________.

A . Nice to see you. B. Thank you. C. All right.

( )27. My birthday is _______.

A . come B. coming C. comes

( )28. I’ll ______ a birthday cake for you

A . by B. buy C. bye

( )29. My birthday is on the _______ of November.

A . twelve B. twelveth C. twelfth

( )30. I’d like a big cake _______ lots of strawberries _____

my birthday party.

A . of, for B. with, as C. with, for 2

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