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小学六年 英语 第一单元 辽师大

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(m p o) (k k c i ) (d i t y )

(o o k c ) (a r d w )


play with me ____________ 扫地_____________

clean th e desks and chairs _________________一起做________________ look for my glasses _______________ 睡个好觉_____________________ tidy my room________________ 煮面条__________________ cut bread _____________ 试试看__________________


cute we

nose egg

hobby plane

bike black

sister bus


()1、A game B panda C lake D plane

()2、A these B evening C leg D we

()3、A home B doctor C hobby D office

()4 A driver B bike C nice D sister

()5. A excuse B mug C cute D use



doing, beside, in, and, not, with, have, yes, for, room

1. The cars are _____the picture.

2. I am _______dancing. I’m singing.

3. Let’s go _______play football.

4. Can you play______me?

5. We can _______a good sleep here.

6. What is the _________?

7. She’s looking _______the basin.

8. My sister is tidying her _______now.

9. ----Is he cutting bread?

----______,He is.

10. The boy _______her is washing vegetables.


()1. I’m _______the desks and chairs.

A clean B cleans C cleaning D to clean

()2.Let’s_______and play football.

A to go B go C goes D going

()3. I want _______to school.

A goes B going C go D to go

()4.You can ______a good sleep here.

()5._____is that boy? He’s Dick.

A Which B Who C What D How

()6.______is that girl doing? She is flying a kite.

A Who B What C Which D Where

()7. Is she playing the piano?________.

A Yes,she does B Yes, she isn’t

C No, she is D No, she isn’t

()8 ______I have a try? Yes, you can.

()9 I want _____clean the desks and chairs.

A to B for C with D at

()10, The mother crow is _______old. Her baby is growing_____.

A getting/up B getting/into C getting/up D gets/up


1. I’doing?

2. The boy is mopping the floor.(变一般疑问句

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