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姓名 得分

一、翻译下列词组 10分

1.在学校 2.第一天

3.所有的学生 4.两个阅览室

5.一座新房子 6.each other

7.go and have a look 8.I am not sure.

9.play table tennis 10.near the house

二、选择正确的答案,将其序号填入括号内(20分) ( )1. There are students in the classroom.

A. some B. any C. a

( )2. — Shall go and play there?

—Ok. Let’s go.

A. us B. our C. we

( )3. __________ any boys under the trees?

A. Is there B. Are there C. There are ( )4. All the students back at school.

A. is B. are C. am ( )5. Let have a look.

A. me B. I C. my

( )6. — Where is the computer room?

— It’s in .

A. first building B. the first building C. the one building ( )7. some milk in the glass.

A. There is B. There are C. It is ( )8. Are there any in the bookcase.

A. English book’s B. English book C. English books ( )9. There is water in the bottle.

A. no B. not C. a

( )10. —Where is Miss Li’s office?

— .

A. She’s in the office B. It’s in the office C. It’s in Building

三、 连词成句10分


2 、There,is,computer,a,classroom,your,in

3、there,some,are,apples, table,the,on.

4.first , is , It , the , term, new, of , day, the .

5.any, are, in, room, there, tables, the, reading .


1、There is a carton of milk in the fridge .(改成一般疑问句)

2、There are some oranges in the box .( 改成一般疑问句)

3、Are there any plates in the cupboard?.( 改成陈述句)



( )1、How many student (A) are there (B) in the playground(C)? ( )2、There are(A) some orange juice(B) in the glass. (C) ( )3、 ( )4、Are there (A) some sweets(B)? Yes,there are(C).


1. 你们学校有些图书馆吗? ___________ there libraries in your school?


___________ many __________ are there in this house?


There are ___________ ____________ near the window.

4.开学第一天,所有的学生都很开心。 On the day, the students are very happy


There 4 in the school.



My name is Xixi. I am from Shanghai. Now we all live in Suzhou. I’m a student. I’m eleven. My father is a doctor. My mother is a bus driver. Here is a colour photo. Look, the woman in blue is my teacher, Miss Wang. She is an English teacher. The boy beside Miss Wang is Liu Yi. He is our monitor. We are good friends.


( )1. Who is Xixi’s English teacher?

A. Miss Li B. Miss Wang C. Miss Xi

( )2. Xixi’s father is .

A. a doctor B. a bus driver C. a teacher ( )3. Xixi is in now.

A. Shanghai B. Suzhou C. Beijing ( )4. is Xixi’s good friend.

A. Liu Yi B. By bike C. Take bus No. 6.

( )5. Miss Wang’s coat is .

A. green B. brown C. blue


Look at David’s bedroom. What can you see in the room? I can see a bed, a desk and a chair in the room. There is a map on the wall. It’s a map of China. There are two pencils on the books. There is an English book near the pencil-box. It’s new. 判断下列句子与短文内容是否相符,相符的用“√”表示, 不相符的用于“×”表示。

( )1.There is a map on the wall.

( )2. There are two chairs in the bedroom.

( )3. David’s pencils are on the books.

( )4. There is a copybook on the desk.

( )5. The English book is old.

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