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一、 选出与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项,将序号写在题前括号中 A ﹝﹞1. coat A. boat B. our C. house ﹝﹞2. this A. thank B. that

C. third

﹝﹞3. who A. where B. what C. whose ﹝﹞4. how A. now B. grow C. know ﹝﹞5. eat A. tea

B. great

C. bread

B ﹝﹞ ﹝﹞2. A.how B.closet C.house D.our ﹝﹞3. A.now B.window C.yellow D.snow ﹝﹞4. A.thin B.math C.this D.thank ﹝﹞5. A.those B.that C.Thursday D.this ﹝﹞6. A.who B.what C.white D.where ﹝﹞7. A.frog B.flow Cflag. D.floor ﹝﹞8. A.short B.small C.horse D.storm 二 、读短文,选择正确的单词。

watch tree meals cook eggplants Tuesday funny flowers read housework

Hello! I’m Kitty. I’m thin and _______. My favorite day is _______ ,because we have tomatoes and _______ for lunch that day. On Saturdays I often _______TV and do sports. On Sundays I often _______ books and do ______________ at home. I’m helpful at home .I can _______ the _______ . Look! There is a big _______ and many colorful(色彩缤纷的) _______ near my house ! How nice!

三、根据中文意思提示,用单词的适当形式填空。 1. Let ____________(我们) sweep the floor. 2. Miss White is my______________(中文) teacher.

3. They often ______________(打) ping—pong on the playground. 4. The blackboard is in ________________(前面) of the classroom.


5. Don’t ______________(看) books on the bed. 6. I often ______ _______ (做作业) on Sunday.

7. I can play football. _______ ________ (怎么样) you?

8. We have ________ (英语) _________ (数学) _________ (体育) on _________ (周三)。 9. What do you _________ on __________? 周二你们上什么课 四、根据提示写单词

(A)Our new music teacher is Miss Li. She’s y________ and pretty. She’s s_________ but kind. Fish is her f___________ food. Because it’s t_______ and healty. On weekends, she often reads b____________ and watches TV. We like her very much. (B) 1. What’s your brother l_________ ? He’s tall and strong.

2. Sunday is the first day of a week.M__________ is the second day. 3. I like apple best. Apple is my favourite f__________. 4. The trash bin is full. Please go and empty the ___________. 5. These grapes are too s__________. Please give me some sweet grapes. 6. The orange is tasty. B____ a little sour.

7. Your hands are very dirty(脏的). Please go and w_____ them. (C) 1. What do you have _____ __________? We have P.E. and art.

2. _______ _______ is today? _______ Wednesday. 3. Can Sarah __________ the ___________? Yes, ______ can. 4. Look!__________ ____ ___ air-conditioner over the chair. 5. There _______ many small _____________ in the village. 6. She’s our principal. She’s ______ and ______. (老的,和蔼的)

五.找出下面单词中意思不同类的一个,把它的序号写到前面的括号里。 ( ) 1. A. Tuesday B. Saturday C. village

( ) 2. A. bathroom B. kitchen C. closet ( ) 3. A. end table B. computer C. shelf

( ) 4. A. sweet B. sour C. strict


) 5. A. old

B. on

C. over


( ) 6. A. noodles B. beef C. Thursday D. rice ( ) 7. A. principal B. mutton C. pork D. chicken ( ) 8. A. apple B. fruit C. pear D. peach ( ) 9. A. curtain B. closet C. sofa D. sky 15.favourite, my, are, bananas, fruit (.)


(A) ( ) What can you do? A. It’s Thursday.

( ) 10. A. forest B. kitchen C. bedroom D. bathroom 六.连词成句

1. you Can table set the (?)

2. your food what’s favourite (?)

3. English What’s like teacher your (?)

4. day is What today it (?)

5. Is a park there river in the (?)

6. pandas, any, there, are, mountains, the in (.)

7. clothes, on, bed, are, many, the (.)

9. our, is, Li, teacher, Miss, English, new (.)

11. lunch, for, what, you, have, do, on, Fridays. (?)

12. like, are, green beans, tasty, because, and, I, they, healthy (.)

13. do, do, you, Saturdays, on, what (?)

14.active, very, she’s (.)

第3页 ( )What's he like? B. Fish.

( )What do you have on Tuesdays? C. I can make the bed ( )What's your favourite fruit? D. He is strong.

( )What day is it today? E. We have math and P.E.. (B) ( )What do you do on the weekend? A. No, I'm going hiking.

( )When is Children's Day? B. I'm doing homework. ( )Which season do you like best? C. June 1st. ( ) Are you climbing the mountain? D. Winter. I can play with snow. ( )What are you doing? E. I often do homework and go hiking. (C) ( )What’s your father like? Yes, there are.

( )Can you cook the meals? No,there is a pen. ( )Are there any goats? No,I can’t. ( )Is there a book in the bag? Yes, I do. ( )Do you like your English teacher? He’s tall

(D) ( )1. There is a river near here. A.公园里有一些树。

( )2. Are there any pandas in the mountains? B. 这附近有一条河。 ( )3.The sky is blue. C.这儿有路吗? ( )4. Is there a path here? D.山上有熊猫吗? ( )5.There are some trees in the park. E.天空是蓝色的。 (E ) ( )1. Would you have a cup of tea? A. She’s my aunt.

( )2. Is he kind?

B. He is from Canada. ( )3. Do you have new teachers? C. Yes, we do ( )4. Where is Tom from?

D. No, he isn’t ( )5.Who’s the young lady?

E. No. Thank you


八.选择正确的答案,将字母填入题前的括号里。 ( )1. Mr. Lin is our math teacher. He’s a .

A. boy B. man C. woman

( )2. The bridge is _____the river.

A. on B. at C. over

( )3. --Can you do the dishes? --_____

A. Yes, he can. B. Yes, I can. C. No, I can’t.( )4. Potatoes my favourite food.

A. are B. is C. am

( )5. There _______ many chairs and a teacher’s desk.

A. are B. is C. /

( )6. --Is he tall? -- , he’s short.

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. No, he is.

( )7. --What can Sarah do? --________ can make the bed.

A. I B. he C. she

( )8. We can help ______.

A. her B. he C. she

( )9. --What's your favourite fruit? --___________

A. I like oranges. B.chicken. C. watch TV.

( )10. My parents usually get up ________ 6:40.

A. on B. in C. at

( )11 . --What day is it today? --____________

A. It's Tuesday. B. It's cool C. It's April 1st.

( )12. We_____ a new teacher. A.are B.have C.has ( )13. Sunday is sweet_____ me.

A.on B.of C. for ( )14.I like math. What _______you?

A.do B.does C.about


( )15.There are_______trees _______the house. A.some, in B.a,in C. some, in front of ( )16. We have science class ______Fridays. A.in B.on C.at ( )17. We can run on the _______.

Agrass. B.mountain C.lake

( )18. I don’t like grapes. Because it’s __________ .

A. nice

B. tasty C. sour

( ) 19. What do you have ________ dinner?

A. or B. in

C. for

( ) 20. What’s your favourite food? Eggplant ________ my favourite food.

A. is

B. are


( ) 21. I’d like some ____________ for lunch.

A. tomatoes

B. tomato

C. tomatos

( )22. __________ that young lady? She’s our principal.

A. Whose

B. Who C. Who’s

( )23. What do you do on Sundays? _______________. A. I often read books.

B. He watches TV

C. I have green beans.

( )24. How many __________ do you have? I have three. A. eggs

B. milk

C. juice ( )25. His name is Zhang Yiwei. We call him __________ . A. Mr. Yiwei B. Miss Zhang

C. Mr. Zhang

( )26. He is very ________ . We like him. A. funny

B. fun

C. a fun


Hello. I am John. Today is Monday. I have three teachers. They are Mr. Carter, Miss Green and Mrs. Black. Mr. Carter is a new teacher, he comes from the U.K and he teaches us math. His class is so funny that we all like him very much. Miss Green is our art teacher , she is strict but she’s


very kind. Mrs. Black is so smart . They are all nice that we all like them.

( ) 1. I have ______________ new teacher. A. three B. two C. a ( ) 2. Mr. Carter is a ________________ teacher.

A. English B. math C. Chinese ( ) 3. Tomorrow is________________

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Wednesday ( ) 4. ______________ is an art teacher.

A. Mr. Carter B. Mrs. Black C. Miss Green ( ) 5. _______________ is smart.

A. Mr. Carter B. Mrs. Black C. Miss Green


(A) Hello! My name is Tom. I like English very much.. My favourite food is beef, eggplant and tofu. I’m very helpful. I can do the dishes, set the table and water the flowers. Today is Saturday. I often read books, do my homework and watch TV on Saturdays. What do you do on weekends? My home is near a river, there are some mountains behind my house. There is a road in front of my house, you can see two bridges over it .Welcome to my home . ( ) 1. Tom likes beef , eggplant and tofu. ( ) 2. Tom can sweep the floor.

( ) 3. Tom often waters the flowers on Saturdays. ( ) 4. There are some mountains in front of Tom’s house. ( ) 5. There are two bridges over the river.

(B)My name is Jack .I am 10 years old. I STUDY IN Sunny School.My favourite day is Monday. We have P.E. and computer class and we have potatoes for lunch.Potatoes are my favourite food. Monday is a great day!My favourite teacher is Mr. Li. He is our art teacher.He is tall and strong. He’s very active. Tell me about your school,please.

( ) 1. Jack is 10 years old. ( ) 2. My favourite day is Tuesday. ( ) 3.Tomatoes are my favourite food. ( ) 4. Mr. Li. is our art teacher. ( ) 5. Our art teacher is very active.

(C)Hello. My name is Millie. I’m thirteen years old. I’m a good boy. I often play volleyball so I’m fit and healthy. For breakfast, I always have some bread and an

第7页 egg and I drink a glass of orange juice. I sometimes have rice with fish and an apple for lunch. I really love apples, because “An apple a day keeps the doctor away(离开)”. In the evening, I sometimes have a glass of milk or a cup of green tea and some biscuits. For dinner, I often have soup, meat and vegetables. I like vegetables because they are fresh and healthy. They are good for me. Look at me! How tall and strong I am now!

( ) ①Millie is 14 this year. ( )② Millie likes football very much. ( ) ③Millie often drinks orange juice for breakfast. ( ) ④Millie likes apples because they’re healthy. ( ) ⑤I often have vegetables for dinner. 十一. 将下列句子改为一般疑问句。 1. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

2. She’s a university student.

3. There are two end tables near the bed.

4. There’s a beer can in front of us.

5. I like bananas.

6. I can see a trash bin here.

7. The clouds are white.

8. I do my homework.


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