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tall young

strong short

old thin


1、My English teacher is very _____________.( )

2、————What do have on Wednesday?

————We have P.E and _____________( )

3、We have P.E and computer on ___________( )

4、__________( ) is my favourite food.

5、Apples are __________( ).

6、I often ___________on Saturdays.

Chinese Wednesday kind watch TV sweet pork


( )1、A、tall B、strong C、old D、morning ( )2、A、Monday B、Tuesday C、Friday D、old ( )3、A、math B、teacher C、music D、English ( )4、A、tomato B、pork C、 potato D、cabbage ( )5、A、salty B、tofu C、sweet D、sour


do homework_________ watch TV__________ read books_____________ Moral Education_________ fresh______________ healthy_____________

green beans_____________ tasty_________________


( )1、———__________your math teacher?

———Mr zhao .

A、.What’s B、Who’s C、Where’s

( )2、What do you ________on Saturdays?

A、is B、does c.、do

( )3、———Is she quiet?

A、Yes, she is. B、No, she is. C、No, she isn’t.

( )4———What do you have lunch on Mondays?


A 、We have English.

B、We have tomatoes and fish.


Hello! I’m Zhang Pang . I’m from Xing xing school .Today is Thursday .

We have Chinese Math and English .I like English .My English teacher is very funny .He is short .I like him.

We have pomato and fish for lunch on Thursday. I don’t like pomato .Tomato are my favourite .

( )1、Whant day is it today?

A Monday B Wednesday C Thursday D Sunday

( )2、What do they have for lunch on Thurday ?

A Pork and rice . B Mutton and tomato

C Pomato and fish D Eggplant and tomato

( )3、What is Zhang Peng ‘s English teacher like ?

A He is so tall . B He is active .

C He’s very funny .He is short .

六、Complete the sentences.(完成句子)(10分)

1.Mr. Carter is______________________(又高又强壮).

2.Our math teacher is very____________________(严格).

3.Who is your__________ ______________(英语老师)?

4.一Is your P.E.teacher_________________(文静)?


5.She is a university______________(大学生).

七、Rearrange the words.(连词组句)(10分)

1.have new I teacher a English (.)

2.Is math your quiet teacher (?)

3.that is pretty Who girl (?)

4.your principal is What like (?)

5.brother is an Tom’s teacher English (.)

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