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西安高新中学教育 单词专练


1._____(星期三) is the fourth day of the week.

2.I’d like to write him a letter, but I don’t know his _______(地址).

3.In that shop are sold clothes in ______(不同的)sizes, colors and styles.

4.He made a few mistakes in _______(语法) in his composition.

5.What are you ______(争吵) about with each other.

6.In summer, a sudden change in _____(温度) could bring rain.

7.A lot of Chinese ______(饭店) sprung up abroad because more and more foreigners have come to love Chinese food.

8.Most shops are open every day Sunday _____(包括).

9.The s_____(灿烂的) jewels are glowing in the shop window.

10.You must pay more attention to your ______(发音), otherwise you’ll make yourself misunderstood when you speak English.

1.I didn’t ________(认出)him until he took off his dark glasses.

2.My parents went out last night and I stayed at home ________(独自一人).

3.he drives much _______(快)than he did three years ago.

4.It is important to understand and ______(尊敬) each other among different nations.

5.Congratulations on your ______(通过)the college entrance exams.

6.The story happened in a _______(山)village.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

7.John kept quiet about the ______(事故)so as to not to be fired by the boss.

8.The train started ______(起动) when I got to the station..

9.With the rapid ______(发展)of foreign trade, more people are learning foreign languages.

10.I think reading English newspaper is a good way of ______(改进)your English.

1.The milkman leaves us a big ______(瓶)of milk.

2.The ______(答应)that the roof should be repaired within two days.

3.Anybody can see the ______(重要性)of good health.

4.You can’t ______(可能地)run a mile in two minutes.

5.The gold ring is kept in a ______(秘密的)hiding place, known only to her husband.

6.There was only a large apple ______(收成)this year.

7.You can get a doctor here to ______(做手术)on her.

8.Have you been taking much ______(药).

9.There are many words that have more than one ______(发音).

10.The job demands someone with a college ______(教育).

1.Is the Spring Festival in ______(二月).

2.Usually children are ______(好奇的)about everything they see and meet.

3.Different ______(庆祝活动)will be held on National Day.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

4.The old mother felt particularly excited when she ______(认出)her sun’s voice through the telephone.

5.What a ______(烦恼) time the peasants had when saw their crops were flooded with water.

6.Do you know how the Four Great Inventions were ______(转人,介绍)into Europe from China.

7.Hardly had the thief ______(夺,抢)the handbag out of the lady’s hand when he was caught by a young man passing by.

8.Little Tom ran ______(径直地)to his mother as soon as she appeared in the door way.

9.Are you well ______(准备)for the entrance examination?

10.Jenny succeeded at last in ______(劝说)her parents to allow her out for work.

1.Jane was lucky that she was just _______(轻微)hurt in the accident.

2.The ant is not ______(采集)this food for itself alone.

3.She was a ______(模范)worker in the factory.

4.My brother wants to be a ______(物理学家)when he grows up.

5.When she heard that the tickets had been sold out, she was ______(失望).

6.He has still kept the fine ______(品质)of a worker.

7.Our teacher has ______(组织)a class trip to the West Lake.

8.The teacher wanted the students to finish their ______(作文)within two hours.

9.It was the captain who save all the ______(乘客)on the ship.

10. After the ______( 治疗 ), he felt better.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

1. To my ______(吃惊)and anger, I found her lying to me.

2. Not all the people know the importance of controlling the ______(增长)of population.

3. Some students find it difficult to remember the changes of the ______(不规则)verbs

4. They re planning a grand ______(庆祝活动)on Teacher’s Day.

5. He stopped his car to ______(确保)sure whether something had gone wrong

6. Bamboo is light because of its ______(空) stem.

7. After his ______(解释),I came to know why he was late for class.

8. Can you ______(想象)they have been married for 60 years?

9. Wood is becoming ______(紧缺)in the country and a new material must be found to replace it.

10. Germany, France , England and so on are ______(欧洲)countries.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 七

1. ______(星期三) is the third day of the week.

2. It’s going to rain. You’d better take an ______(伞) with you.

3. He never tells lies; he is an ______(诚实) boy.

4. English is her mother ______(语言).

5. Don’t tie the two piles of wood together, tie them up ______(隔离地).

6. I like both ______(化学) and physics.

7. Please give him a ______(信息) to say that I will be late.

8. Quality is more important than ______(数量).

9. The government ______(宣布)that they would go to war against the enemy.

10. The tailor ______(量)Harry for a new jacket yesterday.

1. The price ______(上涨)fast in 1993

2. I’m always ______ (紧张)when I have to make a speech.

3. We must ______(遵守) the rules of our school.

4. Taiwan is the largest ______ (岛)in China.

5. We tried to ______(说服) him, but he wouldn’t listen to us.

6. The earth id one of the sun’s ______(行星).

7. You’ve grown so tall that I didn’t ______(认出) you.

8. She is too fat, she must ______(降低) her weight.

9. The car went out of ______(控制) and hit a wall.

10. It is important to spread ______(知识).

1. What kind of ______(蔬菜) do you have for supper?

2. The m______(医疗) team was made up of four doctors and five nurses.

3. Einstein explained that she brought him a cake and he did the ______(算术) homework for her.

4. It’s ______(危险) to swim here.

5. After ______(毕业) I went to the front to serve in the army.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

6. We must do what we can to improve the living ______(条件) of the people.

7. As the storm drew near, black clouds were ______(聚集) over the sky.

8. The word ”crazy” in that sentence ______(大概) means mad.

9. Before the _____(发明) of the gunpowder, men fought with bows and arrows.

10. She was well known as an ______(出色) dancer.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 十

1. You’ll started to learn ______(高等) mathematics when you go to college.

2. The boy is interested in ______(生物), isn’t he?

3. Lucy is said to be a girl of a firm ______(性格).

4. We should ______(鼓励) a student when he meets with difficulties.

5. She got up and drew the ______(窗帘) aside.

6. –What’s your ______(最爱的) sport? -- Football, of course.

7. The party cares for us ______(青年), as we all know.

8. December is the ______(第十二) month of the year.

9. Without quantity there can be no ______(品质). Is that so?

10. The students saw lots of works of art at the ______(展览会).


1. Susan’s ______(婚姻) to John Smith was not welcomed by his family.

受欢迎)among the students.

3. As I entered late, he looked at me kindly without ______(责备) me.

4. The two men lived ______(隔离地) from each other.

5. Sports and games help to build up our bodies and ______(特性) as well.

6. ______(南极洲) is a continent which is the coldest and the most difficult to reach.

7. Mary tried to ______(说服) her father to give up smoking, but she failed.

8. Plastics and rubber give off ______(有毒的) gases when they are burned.

9. You can’t leave here without ______(许可).

10. Her income is ______(两倍) what she had five years ago.


1.An ______(大象) is a large four-footed animal now living, with great tusks and a long trunk..

2.This medicine is ______(有毒的) if taken in large quantities.

3.His beautiful home was the result of many years of ______(劳动).


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

4.The teacher told the boys to ______(收集) all the waste paper lying about and burn it.

5.Mother is in the ______(习惯) of getting up early.

6.The doctor said, “Sleep is necessary to ______(健康).”

7.Surely you ______ (锁)the door? I would be surprised if you hadn’t.

8.My hometown is ______ (分开)from the city by a river.

9.You’ve added too much ______(水) to the mixture.

10.We must ______ (生产)more food for ourselves and import less.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 十三

1.Being ______(粗心), he is always making mistakes.

2.I don’t think this medicine can cure your ______(病).

3.I’ll get someone to ______(刷) my door yellow.

4.A big car is too ______(昂贵), and a small car may look too cheap.

5.Is she losing weight? She looks a lot ______(瘦).

6.The enemy plane was shot down the moment it ______.

7.Thoughts are ______(出现) by means of words.

8.To my surprise, he got me a ______(票) for tonight’s show.

9.He spoke English so well that I look it for ______(当然) that he was an American.

10. ---When did Marie Curie and her husband get radium?

---In the ______(二十) century.


1.“______(展示) me your tongue, please.” The doctor said.

2.They were good friends and never ______ (吵架)with each other.

3.The students listened to the teacher ______(细心地), and tried to remember everything.

4.We shouldn’t judge a stranger by the clothes he ______(穿着).

5.Xiao Hua made such rapid ______ (进步)that she passed the exam.

6.Scientists are working hard to turn these ideas into ______(现实).

7.The ______(女的) doctors were warmly praised on March 8th.

8.She is too shy to sing in ______(公共).


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

9.I had no trouble in solving this ______(问题).

10.We’ll make a ______(旅行) to London in the summer holiday next year.


1. That summer the doctor changed the brace for a ______(特殊) heavy shoes.

2. It is important for us to understand the course of its ______(发展).

3. The workers are carrying ______(包裹)at the station.

4. They refused to ______(承认) the government.

5. You can’t see the stars in the ______(白天).

6. I’ve ______(收集) three hundred Chinese stamps.

7. Mr Brown patted the bay ______(慈爱) on the head.

8. Go ahead with your ______(音乐会).

9. However, his ______(知识) of French remained very week.

10. She couldn’t go to school before ______(解放).


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 十六

1. Physics may seem terribly dry and complicated at times, but a good teacher can make it _____(有趣的) and simple.

2. No one likes to talk to him, because he often speaks with an air of _____(重要性).

3. The old lady ______(想知道) why the boy made fun of her.

4. No ______(许可) has been given for anybody to enter the building.

5. She said ______(祝贺) to me when she heard I had got the full marks for English.

6. He is the sort of man who draws a ______(结论) without much thinking.

7. When building _____(材料) cost more, the price of houses increases.

8. ______(总共) there are four types of blood as far as I know.

9. It is ______(危险) to skate on such thin ice.

10. The ______(距离) from here to the town is mush the same by either of the roads.


1. We should show no ______(怜悯)to the enemies of the people.

2. The Great October Socialist Revolution _____(标志着)the beginning of a new era in human istory.

3. He not only made a ______(允诺)but also he kept it.

4. ______(成百万) of other stars are even bigger and brighter than the sun..

5. The answers are ______(令人满意).

6. This Swede ______(钦佩)Napoleon so much that he wanted to join the French army and fight for him.

7. The brain needs a ______不间断supply of blood.

8. Asia is separated from America by the ______(太平洋).

9. He said he felt ______(恶心).

10. We are ______(主人of our country.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 十八

1. They saw that enemy ______(逃跑)in disorder.

2. You’d better take more ______(锻炼).

3. There are a lot of ______(珍贵)books in the library.

4. He devoted his ______(全部)energy to the task.

5. He ______(宣称that his statement was true.

6. The ______(力量)of gravity makes things fall.

7. The judge and the two men were ______(满意)with what the Arab had said.

8. The ______(打架)between the naughty boys was stopped.

9. ______(直到)he told me, I knew nothing about it.

10. It is a ______(真的)pleasure to meet you.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 十九

1. It is also bad manners to keep ______(沉默 ) when the teacher asks you a question.

2. He ______(说服 ) give up smoking.

3. The steam engine was _____(发明 ) by Walt.

4. She didn’t _____( 打扰) other people when they are talking.

5. They are not ______(确实 ) true.

6. The water in the wet clothes is being turned into ______(水蒸气)and they get drier and drier.

7. May it ______(麻烦 ) you to explain the following passage?

8. The soldiers are at w______(战争 ) .

9. I know it’s ______( 肉 ) but I can’t tell whether it’s pork or beef.

10. You must ______(挑选 ) your friend carefully.


1. Do you know something about Lugouqiao ______( 事件 ) ?

2. As we know, he is a _____( 真正 ) communist.

3. She is said to have been very ______( 漂亮 ) in her youth.

4. I ______( 祝 ) you a pleasant journey.

5. In the classroom some children are learning to ______( 画 ) a picture.

6. They will ______( 配备 ) the workshop with new machine.

7. My brother often comes to see me ______( 尤其 )when he is free.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

8. He fought bravely in many battles and ______( 赢得 ) their respect.

9. He wrote one of his great ______( 著作 ) , “The Civil War in France”.

10. She started working hard to ______( 提高 )her English.


1. The Australian soldiers were kept busy hurrying from one town to anther in order to put down the ______(叛乱).

2. Chairman Mao was more than a statesman, he was also a ______(诗), who could write wonderful poems.

3. He didn’t have his breakfast and he felt a sharp pain in his ______(胃).

4. John D. Rockefeller was a ______(百万富翁), who had a lot of money.

5. –Where is Mother? --She is in an ______ (楼上)room.

6. Can you ______(抽时间) me a few minutes?

7. The students really enjoyed themselves very much in their ______(体育) education class when they can play basketball.

8. Last month his father bought an ______(昂贵的) camera from Japan.

9. The doctor first took his ______(体温) and then said that he had a slight fever.

10. He caught me ______(立即) he saw me in the street yesterday.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 二十二

1. He is feeling much better today, but can’t go to school because of his ______(缺点).

2. After he heard the news that his class team had lost in the game, his ______(失望) was great.

3. The leader ______ (显然)did not realize the problem and did nothing with it.

4. There is a great ______(进步) in his spoken English because he has done a lot of practice in it.

5. It is sometimes necessary for parents to ______(惩罚)their children when they do something wrong.

6. He left secretly and everyone thought his ______(消失) was very strange.

7. ______(粗心) was the cause of the traffic accident.

8. The classroom was silent, ______(除了) for the scratching of pens and paper.

9. The rules were ______(专门) designed to protect wild animals.

10. The young man was ______ (重复)by everyone for his bravery.


1. There are many words that have more than one ______( 发音 ).

2. He wondered whether it would be ______( 适当 )to knock at the door of her room.

3. These papers were secret and were not _______ ( 公布 )until 1887.

4. The electric wires are ______ ( 保护 ) by a rubber covering.

5. Somebody ought to _______( 惩罚 )the thief and teach him a lesson.

6. At that time food was scarce and of poor ______( 质量 ).

7. Mathematics is the science of pure ______( 数量 ).

8. My real ______( 争议 )with him in the way he treats his students.

9. The school promised ______( 迅速 ) results in the learning of languages.

10. You are not very ______( 合乎情理 ) if you expect a child to understand such a deep theory.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 二十四

1. His ______(最爱的) newspaper was the Times. He likes it very much.

2. You are ______(幸运的) in being able to live in the country. I think you are very happy.

3. They were poor and _____(屡次) in debt.

4. In ______(地理) lessons we learn about all kind of countries and their people.

5. He used the power to ______(表达) his belief on others.

6. Radioactivity is very important part of modern science, medicine and ______(工业).

7. The discovery of radium was a very important part of the scientific ______(知识)


8. Our holidays are _____(有限) to weeks a year.

9. When people are very ill, they are often fed with ______(液体) food like milk.

10. The ______ (绝大多数)of doctors believe that smoking is harmful to health.

16 of the modern

西安高新中学教育 单词专练 二十五

1. It is ______(可能) that I might be of some use in that part of work.

2. Being out of work causes ______(贫穷).

3. I don’t think that it would be of much ______(实用的) value to either of us.

4. Everyone is singing your ______(赞扬).

5. He did too little ______ (准备)for his examination.

6. I am not going to buy a house at the ______(目前) high price.

7. Food is broken up in the mouth by the ______(压力) of the teeth.

8. All she said to comfort and make me brave had ______(产生) its effect.

9. Last night’s ______(节目) was a great success.

10. Officials of both sides reported that no ______(进步) had been made on the talks.


1. This is ______(特别) important in written English.

2. Just be ______(耐心) a while. These things take time.

3. Can we ______(说服) her out of her foolish plans.

4. He was a ______(先驱) in modern medical practice.

5. ______(塑料) are used in many modern articles instead of wood, metal and so on.

6. Some plants have ______(有毒的) roots and fruit.

7. He left his own country for ______(政治的) reason.

8. If you change the ______( 位置) of the chair around the table, there will be more room.

9. Fred’s good nature makes him the most ______(受欢迎的) boy in the school.

10. The ______(人口) of the city rose by 20%.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 二十七

1. You should give the students a ______(经常) feeling of success. You should often encourage them.

2. When ice forms on the bridge, ______(建设) work has to be stopped.

3. He was always able to make ______(正确) decisions.

4. He was ______(好奇的) to know what was happening in the office.

5. What was the latest ______(发展) in medicine?

6. There is not really much ______(区别) in their points of view.

7. Police, in white jackets, were ______(指挥) the flow of traffic.

8. We tried to ______(泄气) him from climbing the mountain without a guide.

9. I have something of great importance to ______(讨论) with you.

10. They become ______(精湛的) at catching the talks.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 二十八

1. The earth, on which we live, is made up of seven ______(洲) and four oceans.

2. Your explanation is far from ______(满意), I think.

3. The ladies who are ______(量) the cloth are weavers.

4. The ______(人口) of Shanghai is larger than that of Beijing.

5. The murderer was caught and later ______(宣判) to death.

6. When I asked the shop ______(店员) to show me that dress, she made no answer.

7. You must make an ______(道歉) to her for your not going to the party.

8. At the ______(入口) to the party, Mary picked up a wallet with a lot of money.

9. You must speak English as often as ______(可能).

10. You must have caught cold, for you look ______(发热的).


1. Why were you ______(缺席) from school yesterday?

2. Columbus discovered America by ______(意外).

3. What right have I to add the ______(疼痛) of her heart?

4. The ______(实际的) result is quite different from the story I was told at first.

5. I don’t ______(允许) smoking in the classroom.

6. Nothing could shake my ______(信仰) in his honesty.

7. We can’t get rid of war unless get rid of the ______(起因) of war.

8. Please sit down and make yourself ______(舒服).

9. He said that I had a great ______ (掌控)of the English language. I am good at English.

10. Britain and Australia share a ______(共同的) language.


1. China has a ______(人口) of more than 1,300,000,000.

2. I don’t know how to play chess and my brother doesn’t ______(也不).

3. The blackboard ______(依靠) which he is leaning has just been painted.

4. I was born on ______ (三月)27,1977.

5. There on the ground ______(躺) a boy of not more than 15 years old.

6. Who will be the ______(胜者) of the game hasn’t been known.

7. Smoking will do harm to your ______(健康).

8. I was struck by the ______ (美)of the West Lake.

9. Why is it necessary for ______(农业) and industry to develop very quickly.

10. A person who pays money for the use of a house or land is a ______(房东).


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 三十一

1. I am sure I can ______(认出) him without difficulty though I haven’t seen him for some time.

2. After hard work, the workers completed the great building, on the front wall of which hung a ______(照片) of Chairman Mao.

3. You must be ill, I’m afraid, for you look ______(发热).

4. The tender young shoots of bamboo are crisp and ______(美味).

5. Most rubber balls are ______(空的), and that is why they are light.

6. I try my best to ______(说服) him to take the job.

7. At last she was ______(订婚) to the young man against her will.

8. The Palace Museum has another name “ the ______(禁止) City”.

9. No book or magazine can be taken out of the reading room without ______(许可).

10. In English the word “ moment” means “______(瞬间)”.


1. Important news is _____(广播) by CCTV every evening.

2. I ______(认出) him at the first sight when he called on me.

3. Basketball is his ______(最爱的) sport.

4. I’m very ______(口渴). Please give me some water to drink.

5. Rose is his ______(表妹). She is his uncle’s daughter.

6. Oceania is the smallest ______ (洲)in the world.

7. It was pleasant and ______(舒服) sitting here.

8. She cried suddenly and tears ______ (掉)down her face.

9. No one is ______(缺席). Let’s begin our meeting.

10. “Offer” is spelt with a ______(两个) “f”.


1. It is difficult for ______(外国人) to write Chinese well.

2. When you go to a store , the shop ______(店员) will probably say “Can I help you?”

3. We will never forget the ______(受益) from our parents and teachers.

4. Four students answered the teacher’s questions ______(分别).

5. In the old days, his father was ______(禁止) to keep a single thing of his own.

6. The ______(照片) were taken in Beijing years ago.

7. When I was far away from home, I often think of my parents in the ______(远处).

8. He is from Canada, so he is a ______(加拿大人).


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

9. He spoke so loudly so as to made himself _____(听到).

10. After ______(毕业), Einstein went to work, first as a teacher, then in a government office.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 三十四

1. There are four of us, so we’d better divided the apple into ______(四分之一)and each eats a pieces.

2. The word “letter” has a ______(双) “t” in the middle.

3. Antarctica is the coldest seven ______(洲).

4. It is not a _____ (化学)change for water to turn into ice.

5. “_____(空的)” is the opposite of “full”.

6. He didn’t start to write the world masterpiece of his until he collected enough ______(材料) about the World War history.

7. Mr Liu, our English teacher, often works so far into the night that his wife _____(担心) for his health.

8. Mr and Mrs Brown were very rich, but their ways of living and dressing are still simple and ______(朴素).

9. The ______(边界) of land next to the sea is called the coast.

10. Quality is more important than ______(数量) in the production.


1. You have to be very _______(耐心) if you want to get served in the shop.

2. My classmates came in, I raised my finger to my lips as a sign of ______(安静).

3. A ______(轮子) has the same shape as the letter “o”.

4. Train service are now back to ______(正常) after last week’s strike.

5. The boy pressed his nose 靠)the window, looking outwards at the children playing.

6. Can you ______(想象) what it would be like to live without electricity.

7. The girl ______ (崇拜)those film stars. She collects their photos.

8. Tom tried to clean the watch, but only _______(成功) in breaking it.

9. He is very ______(直接); you always know what his real views are.

10. ______(显然) you have made a mistake. Five dozen can’t be eighty.


1. His explanation sounds ______(合乎情理), but in fact it isn’t.

2. The noise of the plane died away in the ______(远处).

3. You don’t mind my smoking here, I ______(猜想).

4. I don’t think it right to ______(崇拜) some movie stars blindly.

5. The lecture was so ______(累) that some of us fell asleep.

6. I don’t think their team will ______(击败) ours in the football match.

7. The problem of reducing the noises in the town center was ______(提交) to the city government.

8. We are so busy that none of us can be ______(抽空) for any other work.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练

9. Dark glasses are something ______(戴) to protect the eyes from the strong light.

10. He looked back to his past, ______(拒绝) spending so much time playing.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 三十七

1. He was told that if he worked too hard, his health would ______(遭受).

2. He felt rather difficult to make a stand against the opinion of the ______(大多数) of the people.

3. The pupil become ______(紧张) when the teacher asked him to answer questions.

4. The fighting around the airport ______ (持续)for a week before the enemy were defeated..

5. The earth is ______ (事实上)a bit nearer to the sun in January than July.

6. His ______(借口) for being late was that there was a road accident.

7. There was an knock at the door. It was the second time that I had been ______(打断) that evening.

8. The test is set in ______(恰好) the same length of time as the first one.

9. Jack had his leg ______ (折)when skating yesterday. He was taken to the hospital.

10. He stood on one leg, ______(倚靠) against the wall, while he took off his shoes.


1. I think I must make an ______(道歉) to her for not going to the party.

2. Dad, I have won the first prize in the physics competition.______(祝贺), Tom!

3. Wang Ying’s father is a famous ______(音乐家), and he teaches music in Central Music College.

4. We have P.E lessons on Monday, Friday and _____ (星期六).

5. Jim’s ______(发音) is considered to be the best in his class.

6. The classroom is fairly bright in the evening with six lights hanging from the ______(天花板).

7. In the past few years, the Chinese ______(政府) has sent a lot of top officials to visit Europe America and some Asian countries.

8. When he studied in Cambridge University, he often ______(争执) with George about politics.

9. Professor Smith often gives us ______(价值的) help and advice in our research work.

10. With the development of modern industry and agriculture, the air ______(污染) is becoming more and more serious.


西安高新中学教育 单词专练 三十九

1. This is a ______(历史) book, which tells us something happened in the past..

2. Please remember the ______ (历史的)moment, when Lian zhan came back to mainland after 60 years.

3. With all the magazines he needed ______(借), he left the library.

4. The tsunami caused many ______(死亡) in this area.

5. The ______(惊讶) look on her face suggested that she hadn’t expected the results.

6. Be careful. This material ______(流泪) easily.

7. It is said that about quarter of ______(欧洲人) can speak at least a foreign language.

8. You have already been in ______ (债务)to me for 1,000 yuan.

9. There is no ______ (意义)in waiting for a bus. They don’t run on public holidays.

10. What do you suppose has ______(成为) of him? (你想成为他吗??)


1. She doesn’t speak as well as her friends, but her written work is ______(出色).

2. The ______(旅行) around the world took sailors nine months, of which the sailing time was 226 days.

3. ______(准备) are being made for the Olympics Games to be held in this city.

4. I apologize if I hurt you, but I didn’t do it on ______(故意).

5. She asked me to help her, ______(发觉) she couldn’t move the heavy suitcase herself.

6. ______ (专注于)in an interesting novel, he didn’t noticed me enter the room.

7. My boss ______ (安排)for me to discuss business details with someone from another factory.

8. Then we will have no choice to give the performances ______(没有) him.

9. When I entered the teacher’s room, she ______(瞥) at me and buried her nose to the homework again.

10. The boy ______(要求) that he not be treated as a kid.


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