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( )9、When are you going? ( )10、Where is your home? A. You can go by the No.5 bus. B. No, it’s not far. C. Sure, if you like.

D. It’s near the hospital. E. Usually I go on foot.

F. My home is near the cinema. G. I am going at 3 o’clock. H. I’m going to play football. I. It’s east of the cinema. J. I’m going to the bookstore. 四、选择(10分)

( )1. How can I get ______ the park? A. in B. on C. at D. to

( )2. I _____ go to school by bike. But sometimes I go by bus. A. sometimes B. usually C. today D. yesterday ( )3. I’m going to the cinema____ the weekend. A. on B. in C. at D. /

( )4. I’m going to the supermarket____ my mom. A. for B. of C. with D. and

( )5. ____ are you going? —This afternoon.

A. Where B. What C. When D. How

五、请根据汉语提示,在空白处填单词。(10分) 1.红灯停。 _______ at a red __________.

2.请看这些漫画书。 Look at these __________ books, _________. 3.我坐火车去北京。

I go to Beijing ______ ___________. 4.今天下午我准备去邮局。

I’m going to the post _________ this __________.

Today is Friday. I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. I’m going to buy some food and a comic book. Tomorrow morning I ’m going to Guangzhou for a trip. I’m going there by train. I’m going to read my new comic book on the train. The day after tomorrow I’m going to Kunming by plane from Guangzhou. In Kunming , I’m going to see folk dances and eat snack. I’ll be very happy this holiday.

( ) 1. I’m going to take a trip next Friday.

( ) 2 I’m going to buy some food and a comic book tomorrow. ( ) 3. I’m going to Guangzhou by train this morning. ( ) 4. I’m going to Kunming by plane.

( ) 5. I’m going to see modern dances in Kunming.

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