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1. We play football on the field. 2. This is our art corner.

3. I like playing hockey. 4. I draw and paint in the art class.

5. Girls usually play volleyball on the field.


Dialogue A. --- What are you doing? --- I’m drawing.

Dialogue B. --- What can you see? --- I can see my classmates. They are playing over there. Dialogue C. --- Look! Insects! --- Yes, let’s study these interesting animals.

Dialogue D. --- Look at these tree leaves. --- Wow, they are nice.


1. Is there a library in your classroom? 2. What do you do in the library?

3. Are there any games for boys? 4. Where do you play football?

5. How do you like your science field trips?


A: Can you show me around your school, Peter?

B: Sure. This way, please. Look! This is language lab.

A: How many English classes do you have a week?

B: We have three.

A: Is there a library in your school?

B: Yes, there is. It’s over there.

A: What do you often do in the library?

B: We often read books.




1. I want a toothbrush and some toothpaste. 2. Try on those shorts.

3. Show me the comb, please. 4. How much is that towel?

5. Can I have a look at the walkman? 6. The tape is only 25 Yuan.


Dialogue A. --- Can I try on those sneakers? --- Sure, here you are.

Dialogue B. --- Let’s read together. --- Good idea.

Dialogue C. --- What would you like, David? --- A glass of juice, please.

Dialogue D. --- I want a story book, please. --- Ok, this way. We have many storybooks.


Susanna: Hi, mum. This is Susanna. I know you’re going shopping this afternoon. Can you get something for me? I need a white T-shirt for the school sports meeting tomorrow. We all have to wear white, and I haven’t got one. You can get it in Davey’s, that’s DAVEYS. It’s a new shop and it’s not far from the car park. You can go there before you go to the supermarket. You know the cinema? Well, it’s next to that cinema. It’s easy to find.

There are 3sizes, I think. Small, medium and large. My old one was a small but I’m a lot bigger now, so could you buy me a large one, please?

I hope you can get it. It’s not expensive. It only costs eight pounds ninety-nine.

Thanks a lot. See you later.




1.I have a headache. 2. Look at my finger, it hurts.

3.I have a toothache. 4. I have a fever. I feel cold.

5. I have a running nose.


Dialogue A. ---Wow, so many things. Let me help you. --- Thank you.

Dialogue B. ---May I speak to Miss Liu? --- This is Miss Liu speaking.

Dialogue C. ---What’s wrong with you? --- Look at my leg. I broke it. Dialogue D. ---I want this pair of shoes. How much? --- Eighty Yuan.



Dialogue 1:

Man: We’re going to have a concert in our school this Sunday. Mom, can you and dad come? Woman: Yes, we can. But what will you play?

Man: I’ll play the guitar.

Woman: Great!


Dialogue 2:

Woman: What’s the matter with you?

Man: I’ve got a stomachache.

Woman: What did you eat?

Man: two ice-creams.

Woman: That’s too bad for your stomach. Take this medicine and don’t eat any cold food any more.

Man: OK.


英语评估试卷五年级五下Fun time 2听力材料

一、 听句子,判断听到的内容是否与图片一致。

1. Here are some cherries for you! 2. I want some grapes.

3. I have a stomachache. 4. Canadian students like hockey.

5. I can make a get-well card.

二、 看图听对话,选择与对话内容一致的图片,用字母标出顺序。

Dialogue A. ---Hello. May I speak to Lily? --- Yes, it’s me. I’m just coming back.

Dialogue B. ---Excuse me. Where is the book shop? --- It’s over there.

Dialogue C. ---Let’s do math problems together. --- OK.

Dialogue D. ---What can you see from it? --- I can see some trees.


Hello. My name is Tina, T-i-n-a, Tina. I go to music club every Sunday afternoon. I can play the violin very well. Now, I want to learn something new. I like sports. Badminton is my favorite sport. So, do you have a class from ten to eleven every Sunday? I hope I can join your club. My phone number is 52139681. Thank you.




1. This is my skirt. 2.There is a horse over there.

3. We should take good care of young children. 4.We should help old people.

5. You mustn’t pick the flowers. 6. Don’t litter.


Mimi, Micky and classmates are going on a social studies field trip. The dog holds up his sign to tell people, “No, crossing.”The rabbit puts her sign in front of the hospital. She tells people, “Be quiet.” The panda holds up his sign to tell people “Keep off the grass.”They tell people a lot and feel happy.


Hello, children! Let’s make home rules.

We should keep our desk clean.

We should go to bed on time.

We should help to set the dinner table.

We shouldn’t stay up late.

We shouldn’t make a mess.

We shouldn’t read in bed.




1.Lily gets up early in the morning. 2. She has breakfast at home.

3.She goes to school on foot. 4. She has lunch with her classmates.

5.She does her homework after school. 6. She has a big dinner with family.

7. She watches TV in the evening. 8. She goes to bed on time.


1. What time do you get up? 2. What do you often do in the evening?

3. What time do you get home? 4. Does she work hard?

5. What does he often do after dinner?


Jane is a good girl. She usually gets up at about 6. Then, she listens to the radio. At 6: 30, Jane begins to do some exercises. Jane has her breakfast at about 7:00. Jane usually goes to school at about 7:30. At 8:00, Jane begins to have her classes. She likes her classes.



一、 看图听句子,判断所听内容是否与图片一致,一致的选“T”,不一致的选“F”。

1.I have breakfast at home. 2. Here are some strawberries for you.

3. I have a stomachache. 4. Can I have a look at those sports shoes?

5. This is our science corner.

二、看图听A,B,C,D,E五段对话,选择与对话内容一致的图片,用字母标出其顺序。 Dialogue A --- What’s wrong with you? --- I hurt my leg.

Dialogue B --- Excuse me, sir. Where is the bookshop? --- Look, it’s over there.

Dialogue C --- What do you have for dinner? --- We have some meat and vegetables.

Dialogue D --- Don’t play on the street. --- Yes, it’s dangerous.

Dialogue E --- Hello. Can I speak to Mary? --- Yes, it’s Mary speaking.


Jack is my good friend. Every day, he gets up early in the morning. He reads English for 30 minutes. Then we go to school together by bike. In the evening, he does his homework at home. He doesn’t like to watch TV. But he often watches soccer games on TV. On Sundays, he goes out with his parents in his father’s car. They play in a park and do sports there, too. My father takes me to the park on Sundays, too. Sometimes we meet each other, and then we play sports and games there together. We are very happy together.


Hello! My name is Nancy. N-a-n-c-y, Nancy. I’m in Class One Grade Five. I enjoy collecting stamps. I can learn a lot from stamps. And my favourite subject is maths. I often do maths problems with my classmates. If you have any questions please call me. My telephone number is 64013058. Thank you!

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