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1、What colour is it?( )

A. It’s big. B. It’s nice. C. It’s red.

2、. What is in the pencil-case?( )

A. a pencil, a ruler and an eraser. B. A board, two lights, many desks and chairs.

C. A Chinese book, a math book and two storybooks.

3、. Look! This is my new crayon.( )

A. It’s a book. B. It’s thirty yuan. C. Wow. How nice.

4、 Let’s clean the room.( )

A. It’s a big room. B. Great!

C. Thank you.

5、What colour is your notebook?( )

A. It’s ten. B. It’s nice. C. It’s yellow.

6. How much is your notebook?( )

A. It’s ten. B. It’s nice. C. It’s black.

7. Who is he? ( ) A. He is Mike. B. It’s big.

C. It’s a monkey.

8、 Is your friend Chinese? A. Good. B. OK.

C. You are right.

9、 Thank you. A. NO.

B. You are welcome. C. See you.

10、What colour is hair? A. I have long hair. B. I’m fine. C. It’s black.

三、选出不同类的单词,并将序号写在前面括号中 ( 10 )

1、( ) A. music B. science C. sports D. long hair 2、( ) A. desk B. chair C. bed D. pen 3、( ) A. teacher B. classroom C. classmate D. friend 4、( ) A. Chinese B. fat C. tall D. thin 5、( ) A. twenty B. painting C. thirty D. fifty

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