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1.( ) A. water B. tea C. juice D. ice cream 2.( ) A. whale B. dolphin C. pig D. shark 3.( ) A.Chinese cabbage B. bread C. chicken D. French fries 4.( ) A . teacher B. driver C. farmer D. baby 5.( ) A. Paris B. London C. New York D. Tokyo 6.( ) A. beef B. lamb C. meat D. chicken 7.( ) A. mango B. apple C. pear D. grape 8.( ) A. tomato B. lemon C. pea D. bean 9.( ) A. window B. wall C. flower D. door 10.( ) A. nurse B. air hostess C. hospital D. hairdresser 二、选择正确答案,将其序号填入题前括号内。

( )1. I usually get up ______ seven o’clock in the morning. A .at B. on C. of

( )2.---- ______ is the cola? ----Five yuan, please. A .How B. How much C. How old ( )3. What do you ___________eat?

A .want to B. want C. wants ( )4.What_____Li Dong like?

A .do B. is C. does

( )5. -----Are there any students in the classroom?

----- Yes, there are ______ students in the classroom. A .any B. some C. a

( )6.David is playing ______ basketball in the playground.

A .a B. the C. \

( )7. I have two storybooks, but Helen ______ four. A .has B. have C. had

( )8. Yang Ling is good ______English, but she __________not do

well in PE.

A. in; do B. at; do C at; does ( )9. I’m looking out _______the window. A. of B to C. for

( )10. Helen is talking _________ the book _____ her friend. A. to; about B. about; in C. about; with ( )11.----_________are we going to eat?

----At half past twelve.

A. Where B. What C. When

( )12.----It’s time __________lunch.

A. to B. for C. have


1. 听音乐 _____________ 2. look out _____________

3. 放风筝 _____________ 4. have birthday party ___________

5. 进来 _____________ 6. Be quiet _____________

7. 读书 _____________ 8. At the supermarket. _____________ 9. 看电视 _____________ 10. The next day._____________


1 .I

3.What are you going to do tomorrow? I’m going to a picnic.

4. Let’s (go) and

5. What are you doing? I’m (have) an English lesson.


1 .get (现在分词 )___________ 2. make(现在分词)_____________ 3. right ( 反义词) _____________ 4 .watch (现在分词)_____________ 5. swim (现在分词) ____________ 6.these (单数)_____________ 7.drink(过去式) _____________ 8. apple(复数)_____________ 9. my(名词性物主代词) ___________10.send (过去式)____________



( )1.Where are you going ? A. By bike.

( )2.How long is it ? B. No,he doesn’t . ( )3.Thank you very much . C.Yes, please.

( )4.What do you want ? D.You’re welcone . ( )5.How old is he ? E .At half past six .

( )6.What can you see in the tree? F. I can see some birds. ( )7.Can I have this cake? G. It’s about two kilometers . ( )8.What’s the weather like? H.A hot dog. ( )9.What time did you get up ? I.It’s raining. ( )10.How do you go to school ? J. He’s twelve .

A.cold B. sunny C.rain

2.----Is it going to snow on Thursday? ----No, it’s going to _______. A.rain B. hot C.cold

3.It is going to be________on Wednesday. A.cold B. sunny C.rain

4.It is going to snow on ________. A.Monday B. Tuesday C.Friday

5.---Is it going to rain on Monday? ---__________.

A.Yes, it is. B.No, it isn’t. C.Yes, it was.


Jack is a teacher of English. He is not young, but he is not old. He has a round face and a big nose. He is tall. There are fifty students in his class. They all like him.

Now it’s in the afternoon. Look, some students are working in the classroom. Jack is there,too. He’s helping them to study English. He is a good teacher, and he is a good friend of them all. ( ) 1. What dose Jack do?

A. He is a worker. B. He’s a teacher. C. He’s a doctor. ( ) 2. What dose he look like?

A. He has a round face and a big nose and he is tall. B. He is short and fat. C. He has a small nose. D. He has a long face.

( )3. How many students are there in his class? A. There’s fifteen students in his class. B.There’s fifteen. C. He has fifteen.

D. There are fifty in it.

( ) 4、What are the students doing in the classroom? A.They are working there. B. They’re doing their lessons. C. They’re helping their teacher. D.They’re good friends of Jack. ( ) 5、Is Jack a good teacher? A. Yes,he does. B. No, he isn't. C. Yes,he is. D. No, he doesn't.

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