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考点一. damage

(1) vt. 损坏;损害,指损伤或降低某物的价值和功能,一般可以修复.

(2) 区别: destroy毁灭;毁掉;摧毁,其俗话还程度远远大于damage, 一般不能或很难修复,有时可用于比喻意

义. ruin 毁坏;毁灭 强调毁灭的彻底性,并且是一次性的行为,使其不能修复,强调破坏的长期结果. 短语总结

do/ cause damage to 损害… in ruins 成为废墟 bring … to ruin 使…毁灭



① The heavy rain came down and __________ the crops.

② An atom bomb would ______________ a city.

③ All his hopes were _______ .

④ How did you ________ your car?

⑤ Many of the books were__________ by fire.

⑥ Fire_______ several stores in the business district.

⑦ The earthquake caused great _______.

⑧ The accident did very little ______ to either car.

⑨ It rained for two weeks, completely ________ our holiday.

⑩ The building is in _________.

考点二. dare

dare to do (实意动词)竟敢;敢

dare(dared) do sth (情态动词)竟敢

dare sb to do 挑战;激将

dare n. 挑战


① Don’t _____ do that again!

② I don’t think he will _______ the risk.

③ He _______ me to jump over the stream.

④ I took his ________.

⑤ She _______ not do it then.

考点三. date

短语总结 date back to = date from 追溯到…,始于… 不能用于被动语态,做谓语时常用于一般现在时

out of date up to date fix the date


① This church _______________(追溯到)to 1173.

② The custom ______________(始于) the time when men wore swords.

③ My interest in English _______ the time I met a good English teacher in junior middle school.

A dates from B keeps from C dates back D keeps back

④ ____ back to the Ming Dynasty, the temple can offer us much useful information about history.

A Date B Dated C To date D Dating

考点四. declare

declare that 声称;郑重地说


① The republic has _________(宣布)its independence.

② She ________(宣称)that she didn’t want to see him again.

③ Have you anything to ___________(申报)?

④ I ________ at the meeting that I did not support him . A declared B suggested C insisted D demanded


The moment the 28th Olympic Games _____ open, the whole world cheered.(2006 福建) A declared B have been declared C have declared D were declared

考点五. demand demand that sb. (should ) do sth 要求某人做某事

demand sth 要求得到某物

demand sth of/ from sb 要求某人给予某物

demand to do sth 要求做某事

in great demand 急需


①He demanded that I _____ _______ him.他要求我付给他钱.

②The police_________ my name and ______. 警察盘问我的名字和地址. ③He demanded an answer ____________ me .他要求我答复.

④Newly—published novels are always _____ _______ ________.新出版的小说总是供不应求.

⑤ It is impossible to satisfy all demands.(替换)


In some western countries, demand for graduates of MBA courses has______. A turned down B turned over C fallen down D fallen over

考点六. design

be designed for 打算;预备 be designed to do 打算干某事

design sth for sb= design sb sth为某人设计某物

design doing sth/ to do sth 打算做某事

by design 故意地,蓄意地


① They ________(设计) us a good studio.= They ________ a good studio ______ us.

② What do you design _________/ _____ -______ (do)tomorrow?

③ The gloves ______ _______ _______(为…而制) extremely cold climates.

④ The new building _____________(被设计)by an American architect.

⑤ I was very angry when I heard the boy broke the window ______________.


A dozen ideas were considered ______ the thief architect decided on the design of the building.(06上海) because B before C whether D unless


determine to do 决意 be determined to do 决心 determine that+ 句子

determine sb. to do 使得某人做出决定 determined adj. 已下决心的,决然的,果断的

determination n.决心


①He ________(决意)to go.

② I am __________(决心) to do better than Mike.

③ He has not ________ (决定) what he will study.

④ His advice __________ me to drink and smoke no more.

⑤ 我今晚决心要玩个痛快. I ___________________________enjoy myself tonight. A

⑥By the time I left, I _____ _________ ________ _________ go back there again. 我离开的时候就下定决心再也不回那里了.

⑦ What determined _______ _______ _______ ________?是什么使她下定决心要嫁给他? John was dismissed last week because of his _______ attitude towards his job. A informal B casual C determined D earnest



die out die away die down die off die of die from


①This kind of bird has _____________________ in the world.

② The noise of the motorcar _________________.

③ After the excitement of the audience _______________, the speaker restarted his speech. ④ As the widow was still middle-aged, her relatives all _____________.

⑤ The custom of wearing vests seems to ________________.

⑥ Every winter some old people _________________ polluted air.

⑦ The soldier died_______________ a chest wound.



disappointed disappointing disappointment

be disappointed at/ that to one’s disappointment


① I’m sorry to _____________ you but I’m afraid you haven’t won the prize.

② They are very _______________ that they can’t stay longer.

③ It has been a ________________ year for the company.

④ To their______________, the result was contrary to their expectation.

⑤ The amount of money they collected was_________________ small.

⑥ Lucy _________________ at not being chosen for the team.

考点十distance n. 距离;间隔 ;远处;远方 distant adj. 远方的 in the distance 在远方 对应练习

① What __________ do you have to walk to school?

② His house is within walking _____________ of the hospital.

③ We’ve come a long ___________ on the project.

④ I could see the bus coming __________________.


dream of / about 梦想; dream up 空想出 follow one’s dream 追求梦想

realize one’s dream 实现梦想


① I ____________(梦见) my teacher last night.

② I _________(梦想)being the best footballer in the town.

③ I never_____________(想到) meeting you here.

④ Little I dreamed of succeeding so well .(改错)

Danny __________ hard for long to realize his dream and now he is popular. A works B is working C has worked D worked



dress up dress sb. up dress up in

dress up as be dressed in dress oneself make up


选用 wear, dress, have, put on, make up完成句子

① The judge _______ _______ his hat and went out of the court.

② The students ________ on (= the students were____________)their school uniforms that day.

③ I saw him ______________ nothing on except a pair of shorts.

④ I found her_____________ a new diamond necklace today.

⑤ The workers in Disneyland are not allowed to _____________(= have) beards or long hair.

⑥ Could you ___________ the baby for me?

⑦ Get up and __________ ( yourself) quickly.

⑧ Wait a minute. I’m _____________.

⑨ The lady is ____________ in white clothes. She looks pretty(___________) in white.

⑩ The able housewife ___________ well on very little money. That is , she spends very little money but she is well ___________.

⑾ She ______________(化了妆)her face to look prettier.

________ as Father Christmas, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant.

A Dressing up B Dressed C Dressed up D Dressing

___________ in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A Dressed B To dress C Dressing D Having dressed


drop sb. a line drop in on sb./ at a place

drop out drop sb. down


① He is going to _______________ his good friend __________(写封信).

② He has formed the habit of _______ his parents a line every now and then.

A giving B sending C delivering D dropping

③ If you are interested in being friends, ______ me a line.

A dropping B drop C making D make ④ Tom had to __________ (辍学)after his parents died.

⑤ Today the new couple _______ ______ _______ the Greens and on the way home they also _______ ______ ________ the white’s.

⑥ The bus stopped slowly and ________ the old woman ________.


1 in danger 2 date from 3 day and night

4 the other day 5 deal with 6 a great deal of

7 decide to do make a decision 8 deep in the night

9 to one’s delight 10 depend on

11 by design 12 determine to do

13 devote……… to be devoted to doing

14 keep a diary 15 on a diet a balanced diet

16 make a difference be different from

17 It’s difficult to do sth have difficulty in doing

18 in all directions= in every direction 19 be disappointed at/ with

20 on display 21 in the distance 22 divide …. into 23 do well in 24 do somebody a favor 25 go downtown 26 dozens of 27 draw near 28 be dressed in

29 drop in on sb. / at a place 30 on duty


单词辩音 A noisy B style C butterfly D yet A taste B stand C pleasure D observe A develop B delay C deliver D destroy


1 Oliver was unable to give police a ________________(描述)of his attacker.

2 Honestly I thought the fried chicken was ________________(可口的)。

3 She borrowed a lot of money and she’s still paying off the ___________(欠债 )

4 The floods were a ________________(灾难)

5 With no adults around, it’s d_____________ for children to swim in the river.

6 Don’t always d____________ on others. You should learn to rely on yourself.

7 Tom is preparing for an experiment. Don’t _d____________ him.

8 This kind of bird is in d______________, so we should protect them.

9 Can you tell the d___________ between them?

10 In d____________ countries, many families can afford to buy cars.

11 Have you any d_____________ in doing this work?


1 The moment the 28th Olympic Games ________, the whole world cheered.

A declared B have been declared C have declared D were declared 2 ---Could you do me a favor?------- It depends on ________it is .

A which B whichever C what D whatever

3 It is said that the early European playing-cards________ for entertainment and education.

A were being designed B have designed C have been designed D were designed 4 Finally the police caught me _______ a phone box that had taken my last one pound coin.

A destroying B using C stealing D emptying

5 One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to _____ healthy eating habits.

A grow B develop C increase D raise

6 _____ to his research work, the professor cared little about any other things.

A Devoting B Devoted C Having devoted D To devote

7 On those questions_____at yesterday’s meeting, all the teachers made their views ______clearly.

A discussing; know B discussed; know C discussing ; knowing D discussed; known 8 Some researchers believe that there is no doubt ______ a cure for AIDS.

A which B that C what D whether

9 She went to the bookstore and bought______.

A dozen books B dozens books C dozen of books D dozens of books

10 I wonder how he _______ attend the meeting.

A dared not to B not dared to C dared not D dares not

11 The patient was ______ of losing his life and had to be operated on at once.

A in danger B in the danger C out of danger D out of the danger

12 To understand the grammar of the sentence you must break it ______.

A down B up C off D out

13 Although the working mother is very busy, she still ______ a lot of time to her children.

A devotes B spends C offers D provides

14_______ on what you are interested in , you can probably find a museum _____ to that subject.

A Depending, devoting B Depended; devoted

C Depended; devoting D Depending; devoted

15 I would rather not _______ Mary until I am quite sure that she is trustworthy.

A depend on B attend to C wait on D apply to

16 “ If we don’t take steps, the Tibetan antelopes and pandas will ______ some day just as dinosaur , which is terrible.” said one of the officers in the zoo.

A die out B die away C die down D die off

17 The little child ______ go out alone at night, so he _______ walk I the dark that night.

A daren’t; didn’t dare to B doesn’t dare; dare not

C isn’t dare to ; dared not to D doesn’t dare to ; dare not to

18----- How do you like the film?

----- ________ interesting than expected.

A A great deal much B A great deal of more

C A great deal of much D A great deal more

19 Although the wind has _______, the rain remains steady, so you still need a raincoat.

A turned up B gone back C died down D blown out

20 We were told that the stone figure _____ back to the 16th century was of great value.

A dated B dating C coming D kept

21 The number of new shops around our school increases________.

A day after day B days after days C day by day D the day by the day

22 If Newton lived today, he would be surprised by what ______ in science and technology.

A had discovered B had been discovered

C has discovered D has been discovered

23 Professor James will give us a lecture on the Western culture, but when and where _____yet.

A hasn’t been decided B haven’t decided C isn’t being decided D aren’t decided

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