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初中英语写作的教学设计 (二)

杨玉华 2011年11月11日


Teaching Aims

1. To get the students to comprehend the text properly

2. To encourage the students to analyze the organization of

the text

3. To enable the students to know how to write an essay

4. To develop the students’ writing skills upon the basis

of reading comprehension

Teaching Methodology

1. Constructivism

2. Theory of Task-based Teaching&Learning

Teaching Procedures

Step1 Lead-in

Show several pictures about different professions.

Have a free talk with the students.

Step2 Presentation

Show two pictures of part-time jobs.

Let the students have some idea of a part-time job. Introduce the topic.

Step3 Reading Comprehension

Allow the students a few minutes to read the text and then check their


Step4 Organization Analysis

Get the students to grasp the main idea of the text and see how the text is


Step5 Writing

Teach the students how to write an essay.

Illustrate the skills to write an essay.

Ask the students to write a similar essay in the form of


Step6 Further Reading

Step7 Consolidation&Summary

Annotation: Step6 and Step7 are possible steps if time pe


Step8 Home work

Write a short passage about the disadvantages of doing a

part-time job.


1. 本节课任务型教学理论为依据来展开设计,强调以学生为主体,学生在多边互动中共同参与学习,掌握知识。

2. 通过互动式的教学安排要达到以下目标:

(1)了解和掌握“part-time job”的概念。(2)了解本篇文章的大意和结

(3)了解怎样来写“essay”。(4) 当堂完成一篇简单的“essay”。


3. 整个教学过程始终以“互动方式”展开,分为四部分:

(1) 导入部分:

(2) 课文理解部分:

(3) 写作部分:本部分是基于对本篇文章阅读基础上而设计。

(4) 知识拓展部分


1. 通过小组讨论的形式展开教学活动,学生参与的积极性较高,思路开阔,相对的限制性较少,学生受到高度重视,有一种“主人翁”的感受。

2. 从学生回答问题的情况看,基本上都能理解文章的大意。

3. 在对“part-time job”的概念引入的过程中,部分学生的个性化得到一定的表现,他们的观点新颖独特,是他们经过小组讨论积极思维的结果。

4. 在阅读理解的基础上引入写作,学生感到有具体内容,而不是“空中阁楼”,符合学生的认知结构,学生对“essay”写法的建构也是水到渠成。

5. 从学生当堂作文反馈情况看,虽然一些学生在作文中出现这样或那样的语法错误,但是学生都注意了写作的谋篇布局,这正是这次写作要达到的目的。

6. 对于学生作文中出现的错误,通过学生自己修改,效果理想。

7. 部分学生当堂完成的作文,其中一些有语法错误。如下,


Smoking is a bad habit. It will be bad for your health and waste the money.

Above all, smoking will harm your body, because a chemical contained in

cigarette will do harm to your body. Even when you form this habit, you will

not easily get rid of it. And it will waste the money which you earn. It also can

cause the danger to society when you throw the cigarette. It will set a fire

easily. So we must keep off the smoking.


Smoking is really a bad habit. First of all, smoking is very bad to the smoker’s own health. It hurts one’s lungs, blood and even heart. Secondly, smoking pollutes the air and makes air full of smoke. The smoking air is not suitable for

breathing. Last, smoking costs a great deal of money and is a pressure for a family. To sum up, the habit of smoking does nothing good

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