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( )1、A. talk B. tall C. tail

( )2、A. writer B. light C. right

( )3、A. very B. every C. many

( )4、A. music B. much C. museum

( )5、A. thin B. think C. thank

( )6、A. wash clothes B. watch TV C . what colour ( )7、A. walk B. week C. work

( )8、A. turn right B. turn left C. go straight

( )9、A. police B. please C. pen pal

( )10、A. read books B. reading books C. reads books


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


1、Get off at the ___________ .

2、__________ is the library? It’

s next to the cinema.


3、What does your father do? He’s a __________.

4、You can go _________ for five minutes. It’s not far.

5. Tom likes _________ a bike.

四、听一段对话, 判断下列五个句子的对错,对的打“√”,错的打“╳”(10分)

( )1. Sam is eleven.

( ) 2. Sam often goes to school by subway.

( )3. Sam doesn’t like showing his stamps in the class. ( )4. Sam is going to buy some stamps in the bookstore. ( )5. Sam’s school is near his home.



( ) 1. — ___ can I go to Shanghai?

—You can go by plane.

A. What B. Where C. How

( ) 2. Does your pen pal live in Shanghai ?

A. I like diving.

Yes, he does. B. He is tall and strong. C.

( ) 3. In China, drivers drive on the ___ side of the road.

A. left B. right C. two ( ) 4. I am going to ___ my grandparents next week.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting ( ) 5. I want to buy some books. So I can go to the ___ .

A. bookstore B. shoe store C. pet shop

( ) 6. Amy’s mother is _____actress. Her father is _____ policeman.


A. a , an, B. a, a C. an, a

( ) 7. It ___ from the clouds.

A. come B. comes C. coming

( ) 8. Where does he work?

A. His hobby is painting. B. He works in a car company.

C. He is a singer.

( ) 9. It’s late. Let’s go _____ together.

A. to home B. home C. school

( ) 10. Tom’s mother teaches English. What does his mother do?

A. She is a policewoman. B. She is a teacher. C. She goes to

work by car.

六 根据图意选择短语,将代号填入图下括号中、(10分)

() () ( ) () ( )


1. —How do you usually go to school?

—I usually go to school ________ ________.


2. —Where does your father work?

He ________ in a ________.

3. —Where does the rain come from?

It comes from ________ ________.

4. —What is your hobby?

I like ________ the ________.

5. —What are you going to do this weekend?

—We are going to ________ ________.


1. He likes helping people. He goes to work by motorcycle. He helps make our city a safe place to live and work in.

2. He works in a bank. He helps the bank use their money well. He likes working with number and he is good at computer.


3. She likes drawing pictures. She works in a car factory. She often goes to work by car.

4. She works in a hospital. She often helps sick people.

5. He works in a street. He cleans streets and he works hard.


I have a good friend. His name is Titi. He is from Canada. His

father works in a hospital. He is a doctor. He goes to work by subway.

His mother is a nurse. She works in a hospital, too. She goes to work by bus. Titi and his brother are twins. They look the same, but they are very different. Every morning, Titi goes to school by bike, but Kiki goes to school on foot. Every evening, Titi does his

homework. His brother Kiki watches cartoons on TV. Titi usually plays football on Saturday. Kiki usually play computer games.


1. Where does Titi come from?

A. B. C. ()2. What does his father do?

A. teacher B. nurse C. doctor

()3. How does Kiki go to school?

A. On foot B. By bike C. By bus

()4. Does Titi read newspapers every evening? _______.

A. No, he doesn’t B. Yes, he does.

()5. What does Titi usually do on Saturday?

A. He usually plays football on Saturday. C. Yes, he is.


B. He usually makes kites on Saturday.

C. He usually watches TV on Saturday.

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