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A: You look unhappy. What’s the matter you?

B: Bad luck! I didn’t the English exam again.

A: I’m sorry to that. But please don’t give.

B: Well, maybe my way of studying English is not good.

A: do you study English?

B: I study it doing my homework early in the morning.

A: Oh, It’s better to read early in the morning. It’s easy to remember things at that time. Do you agree?

B: Yes, I’ll do some readA: Do you notes in English class?

B: A: That’s not good. You should write down the important things that the teacher tells you. After class you can review复习them.

B: OK. I’ll buy a notebook.

A: Good luck to you!

B: you for your suggestions!

二.用题后括号中所给单词填空,使短文通顺正确、连贯(每个词限用一次),只填字母代号到题后的横行上。 ___for me. First of all, it wasn’t , and I couldn’t understand every word. Later on, I realized it doesn’t if you don’t understand every wordat me. I couldn’t always make

( A. afraid B. complete C. listening D. quickly E. becoming F. started G. difficult H. laugh I. matter J. easy )

三.假如你是Lucy,你的笔友Jim最近沉溺于玩电脑游戏,为此你真正的担心他。请根据下表提示给Jim 写一

提示词:worry about ; used to do sth ;take part in ;activity, relaxed; try one’s best to do sth; at once; work hard


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