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( April January November August October July

June February May December September March)

2.______________ 3. _______________ 4. _____________

5.______________ 6.______________ 7. _______________ 8. _____________

9.______________ 10. _______________ 11. _____________



______________ _____________ _____________ ______________ _____________ ______________ _____________ _____________ ______________ _____________


( )1.What date is it today?

- 1 -


A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s May 21st. C. It’s ten o’clock.

( )2. Can you help me wash the car?


A. Sure! B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I do.

( )3. Don’t pick the flowers.


A. Thank you. B. All right. C. That’s nice.

( )4. Thank you very much.


A. You’re right. B. You’re wrong. C. You’re welcome. ( )5. I have __________ old picture. It’s a picture of my family.

A. a B. an C. the

( )6. The snake is dangerous. ___________ go too near.

A. Do B. Don’t C. Does

( )7.My uncle never goes to work __________ bus.

A. in B. on C. by

( )8. The fish can __________ in the river.

A. swim B. swims C. swimming

( )9. They __________ the Window of the World next Monday.

A. visit B. is going to visit C. are going to visit ( )10.__________ she usually play chess in the afternoon?

A. Is B. Do C. Does


( computer half what would bus about Saturday photos take with)

Kate: Hello, Jack. __________ are you going to do this weekend?

Jack: I am going to do my homework on ____________ morning. At ___________ past four in the

afternoon, I will play ____________ games.

Kate: What ____________ Sunday? Are you going out to have fun?

- 2 -

Jack: Yes, of course. I am going to the Xiangjiang Zoo ____________ my friends.

Kate: How are you getting there?

Jack: By ___________. We can ___________ a No.123 bus.

Kate: What are you going to do in the zoo?

Jack: We are going to see the white tigers and take some ___________ with the animals. Kate: Wow. It will be fun!

Jack: ___________ you like to go with us?

Kate: Yes, I’d love to. That would be great.


(一)阅读短文(I),奇怪你判断句子是否与短文内容一致,如一致,请在括号内写“T”, 否则写“F”。


One day my wife and I go shopping at the shop. We stop the car in front of the shop. An hour later we come back to the car with many things. But we can not open the car door.

“Oh, dear,” say my wife.” What shall we do?”

“Let’s ask that policeman!” The policeman comes to help us.

A few minutes later, he gets the door open. Just at that moment(恰在那时)a man comes up and shouts,” Why are you opening my car door?”

We look at the number of the car and our faces turn red.

( )1. I go shopping at a shop with my wife.

( )2. We stop the car behind the shop.

( )3. Two hours later we come back to the car with many things.

( )4. The policeman comes to help us to get the door open.

( )5. Our faces turn red because we get the wrong car.



Tomorrow is Janet Webb’s birthday. Janet is vey happy, because her family is going to give a birthday party for her. Janet is going to be thirteen years old. A lot of Janet’s friends are going to come to party. Twenty girls and four boys will be at the party. All the family are busy with the

- 3 -

birthday party. Mrs. Webb is getting ready for the party. Mrs. White, her friends is going to helping her make a birthday cake. “That’s a party cake.” Mr. Webb is going to shopping. He is going to buy orange juice, fruit and sweets for the party. And he is going to buy a Teddy bear for Janet. She wants to have a Teddy bear very much. Mr. Webb is going to buy a big one and thinks that Janet like it and she will her very glad at the party.

( )1.How old is the Janet?

A. She’s eleven. B. She’s twelve. C. She’s thirteen.

( )2. What is Janet’s family going to tomorrow?

A. Give a birthday party. B. Go to a birthday. C. Make a birthday cake. ( )3. How many Janet’s friends will come to her party?

A. Twenty. B. Four. C. Twenty-four.

( )4. Who will help Mrs. Webb to make a birthday cake?

A. Janet. B. Mr. Webb. C. Mrs. White.

( )5. Who will send(送) a Teddy bear to Janet?

A. Her mother. B. Her father. C. Her friends.


1. What are you going to do tomorrow evening?


2. Do you like planting trees?


3. Can you tell stories in English?


4. What time does your mother usually go shopping?


5. How do you usually go to school?





- 4 -

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

- 5 -

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