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一、 英汉互译。(10%)

1、火车________________ 6、蛇__________________

2、旅行________________ 7、规则__________________

3、地铁________________ 8、市场_________________

4、居住________________ 9、医院_________________

5、忘记________________ 10、科学________________


( )1. A. February B. May C. Autumn

( )2. A. thirty B. fifteen C. second

( )3. A. canteen B. cinema C. road

( )4. A. lily B. flower C. sunflower

( )5. A. frog B. deer C. zoo

( )6. A. by B. fly C. sleep

三、 选择填空。(10%)

( )1. __________often go to the zoo on Wednesday.

A. my father and I B. I and my father C. my father and me

( )2. How many __________ are there in the basket?

A. apple B. an apple C. apples

( )3. Would you like _________ this afternoon with me?

A. to go swim B. go swimming C. to swim

( )4.The _______ can climb very well, but the ________ can’t climb at all.

A. cat, tiger B. fish, lion C. giraffe, panda

( )5. Usually we can the kapok trees live in the ___________

A. the South B. the North C. the Arctic

( )6. My family are going to visit the museum __________

A. every week B. next weekend C. on weekdays

( )7.— How would you usually go to school on weekdays? —______________

A. by plane B. by train C. on foot

( )8. — what time is it? —_____________.

A. Its half past four B. It’s at eight o’clock C. It is a quarter to ten

( )9. —Is the post office on the left or on the right? —_______________.

A. Yes, it is B. It’s on the left C. Yes, it’s on the right

( )10. The _________ has a very long nose, and it is very heavy.

A. elephant B. turtle C. frog

四、 完型填空。(10%)

Mr. Han is my English teacher. He is good at ___1____. He can ___2____ English very well. How ___3____ he usually get to school? Do you know? Well, he ___4___ to school by his car. But his cheap car is often broken (坏掉了), so he goes to the school by ___5____. But sometimes his bike is broken, too. Mr. Han is not very __6__. He must ___7___ a NO. 14 bus. There __8__ always too many people in the bus. Mr. Han __9__ likes the bus. He often says“ I will go to school __10__ foot next time.”

( )1. A. art B. Chinese C. English

( )2. A. say B. speak C. speaks

( )3. A. does B. do C. is

( )4. A. go B. get C. gets

( )5. A. bus B. car C. bike

( )6. A. happy B. easy C. beautiful

( )7. A. by B. take C. sit

( )8. A. are B. is C. have

( )9. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t

( )10. A. for B. on C. with


1. ( )扔东西给猴子 2. ( )喂猴子 3.( )不要在草地上走 4.( )给花拍照

5. ( )休息一下 6.( )扔垃圾 7.( )坐在长凳上 8.( )给树浇水

A. water the tree B. leave litter C. feed the monkey D. take photos of the flower E. sit on the bench F. have a rest G. throw things at monkey H. don’t walk on the grass


1. A: How many weeks are there in a week?

B: There are ________. They are Monday, Tuesday, ____________, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

and Sunday.

2.A: _________ do you usually go to the park?

B: I usually go to the park on Sunday.

A: _________ do you get to the park?

B: I often walk there. It’s near my hours.

3. A: ____________ me, Could you tell me the _______ to the toilet?

B: Sorry?

A: Could you tell me _______ to get to the toilet?

B: _______ left out of this restaurant, then go ____________ ahead, and ______ the third left. A: Left out of the hotel, and the third left.

B: Right!

A: Third Right? Ok, thank you very much!

B: Not right, It’s left, come back!!!


Mary is a little girl. She is only five years old. She isn’t a schoolgirl. She doesn’t know how to read or write. But her sister Joan is a pupil. She is ten. She knows how to read and write.

Joan often sees her little sister in the room. She is on the left of the table. There is a blue pencil and two black pencils in her pencil-case. She is drawing a monkey with the blue pencil. Joan always says “ugly monkey, ugly monkey!” But Mary says ”yes, the monkey looks like my sister.” Joan is not happy.

1. Mary is not a ________, so she can’t read or __________.

2. Joan is Mary’s ________, and Joan is _______ years old.

3. Mary is on the _______ of the table. There are _________ pencils in her pencil-case.

4. Mary can draw _________ with her _______ pencil.

5. ________ thinks the monkey is ugly, but Mary thinks the monkey looks like _______.

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