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New Century Primary English

Grade 4
Unit 3 A Game - Who’s My Mind Reader? Wonderland & Farmland

Answer some questions:
1. How many seasons are there in a year? What are they?
2. How is (spring…)? 3. Which season do you like best? Why? 4. Which months make up (spring…)?

According to the answers, say something about your favourite season:
There are ... They are ... I like … best, because ... Spring is ... Summer is ... … make up ...

There are four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is green. Summer is bright. Autumn is golden. Winter is white. I like summer best, because I can see the rainbow sometimes. June, July and August make up summer. They are colours . color (Am.E.)

What colour do you know? And what colour do you like best?

There are … colours in the rainbow. They are … red orange yellow green cyan blue purple

Let’s do it: red + yellow = orange red + blue = purple blue + yellow = green blue + green = cyan white + black = grey

红橙黄 绿青蓝紫

Colours are __________. in teresting

interesting [adj that takes one’s interest 有趣的,令人感兴趣的]
an interesting person/book/idea How interesting!

interest [n (in)兴趣, 关注; v 感兴趣]
Tom has no interest in P.E. (n) P.E. does interest Tom. (v)

funny [adj causing laughter; amusing 滑稽的, 搞笑的]
a very funny man/joke I don’t think that’s at all funny.

fun [n 嬉戏, 乐趣; adj (AmE)有趣的, 供娱乐用的]
Have fun!(=Enjoy yourself!) (n) What fun!(=How enjoyable!) (n) She’s a fun person to be with. (adj)

Choose the best word to fill in the blank: interesting funny fun 1. This is an interesting book. __________ 2. It’s a ______ monkey. Do you like it? funny 3. She’s a _____ person to be with. fun 4. Have ______ ! fun 5. That’s a very ______ joke. funny 6. Colours are interesting __________. Animals are interesting too. __________,

There are lots of … in Shanghai Zoo.

What colour are the animals? The … is ….

Long time ago, many animals lived in the jungle. But now, some of them live in the zoo.

How do they feel in the zoo?
Maybe they are excited. 兴奋的 Because they can see many kinds of people every day.

Maybe they are bored.


Because there aren’t many friends around them.

When there aren’t many friends around us, we are bored. When there are many friends around us, we are excited.

What can we do with our friends?
We can have a party together. We can play games together.

What do we need for a party?
We need some foods, some drinks n 饮料 and some toys.

What drink do you know? What would you like to have?
do you want to drink

What games do you know?
hide-and-seek guessing games fishing games ball games

This is a new game, it looks like a guessing game. But it’s not a riddle.
Let’s learn how to play this game:

I like animals. I like /t…/. Do you like tigers? That’s right.

I like ___s. I like /…/

Do you like ___s?
That’s right.

It’s ______ to easy play.

My favourite number is /t…/ Is it two? No. Is it ten? Is it twelve? Is it twenty? Is it …? Oh, that’s _________. di ff i cult easy
The name of the game is “My Mind Reader (能读懂别人心思的人)”.

[ colour number drink animal(the) ] My favourite … is /…/ Is it …? That’s right. (No.) That’s easy. (Is it …? Is it …? ) (Oh, that’s difficult.)

1. 抄写单词、词组: colour, number, animal, drink, easy, difficult, interesting, funny, favourite, so many 2. 抄写句子: (1)There are seven colours in the rainbow. (2)I can read these numbers. (3)There are lots of animals in Shanghai Zoo. (4)What would you like to have? (5)How much is ten plus ten? (6)This book is interesting. (7)He’s so funny! (8)That’s right. (9)That’s too easy. (10)That’s difficult. 3. 写话: (1) Easy (2) difficult (3) interesting (4) funny

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