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Grade 4 BookB Unit 4 Wonderland

Answer the questions: 1.What’s the weather like now? 2.What’s your favorite season? 3.What game do you often play? 4.Which subject do you like best? 5.When do you get up every day? 6.What do you usually do on weekends? 7.When will the Expo 2010 begin?

The Expo 2010 Shanghai China will begin on May 1st . Many people will visit our city, Shanghai. Hai Bao is the new mascot [m? sk?t, -k?t] (吉祥物) for this Expo. The theme [θi:m] (主题)of Expo is Better City, Better Life. Shanghai is becoming more and more international. As a primary school student. We want to do something for our city and Expo. So I must study hard and learn more English.



I’m not good at swimming.
So I learn swimming on Sunday.

It’s three o’clock.
Tom is learning English.

Tom wants to buy some tickets of Expo. ticket [tikit] 票子

i / I / big sit this city him picture y / I / thirsty family cloudy forty

How many tickets did Tom buy? Let’s count them.



count the tickets

count her sweets

Do you want to go to Expo Site(园区)? If you don’t know the way,what can you do?
a. We can ask the policeman.

ask [ɑ:sk]

ask the way to the Expo Site

ask the way to …

ask sb. about sth ask for help 求助


ask sb to dinner 邀请某人去晚餐

b. We can look for the road sign. 寻找 look for sth. look for his eraser oo / u / look book good foot

oo / u: / school tooth smooth too food


[faind] sth.

找到 Tom can find the road sign.

Tom can’t find his eraser. He’s looking for it.

Fill in the blanks:

(look for/find)

looking for 1.I am ___________my shoes. I can’t find _______them. find 2.If you ______my mistake. Please tell me. 3. They are going to see a movie, find but they can’t ________the tickets now. look for 4. Can you ________an eraser for me?

Do you want to be volunteers (志愿者) for the Expo 2010 Shanghai China?

. We can do something for the Expo.

Mini Dialouge:
----Can I help you?
-----Yes, please. I am looking for

Shanghai Grand Theatre.
-----Come here. Please follow me.

-----Thank you. And where’s the Expo Site?
-----You can go there. It’s along both sides

of Huangpu River.
----Thanks a lot. You are a good child.

Come here.
[hi?] Here is a gift for you.

Go there.

here and there



here near ear hear beer pioneer /??/ there their where hair pear bear air

Reading: My deskmate is Lily. She is also my good friend. Her favourite subject is English. She enjoys learning English very much. In her spare time, she often reads English stories. When she finds new words in the story, she sometimes asks our English teacher for helping, sometimes looks them up in the dictionary and sometimes searches on the internet. On weekends she can buy two tickets of movie. She always goes to the cinema with me.

Today’s Homework: 1. Read after the tape and recite the wor

ds and sentences. 2. Fill in the blanks. 3. Do some reading.

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