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四年级英语上学期导学提纲模式 1-4

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学校: 瓦店小学 学科 英语










He is going up the hill. How many ? Twenty___one.

Can you…….? Yes I can.No Ican’t . is going to……… 自主学习

up, hill ,down, near , go straight on , turn right , turn left. 合作探究

1. What are you doing? I’m listening to music. 2. What are they doing ? They’er doing taiji quan.


一. 汉语与短语连线,并抄写(8分) 游泳 划船 踢足球 跑的快

run fast row a boat swim play football 二.看问句,选答句:(8分)

( )1 Can you play the flute?

A. Yes ,you can . B. Yes ,I can. C.No, I can.

( ) 2.What are you going to do ,Daming?

A. I’m going to run. B.I’m run. ( )3.Do you want some noodles?

A. Yes, I do. B.Yes, please. C. Yes ,thank you. ( )4.What is Daming doing?

A. I’m running. B. He is running. C.He is run.三.选出与前面单词同类的一项。(10分) ( )1.twenty A. eleven B. party ( ) 2. July A. March B. jump ( )3.road A. read B. light ( )4.flowers A. men B. chess ( )5.football A.hungry B. boat

四.选择合适的单词填在 上(14分): riding playing rowing drinking doing taking 1.They are taijiquan. 2.He’s 3.We’re a dragon boat. 4. She’s chess.

5.You’re soybean milk.



能口头运用Can I have some sweet ? 这类语句争取同意或许可。 2、自主学习

能口头运用。。。。。。。is doing …………描述他人正在做的事 3、合作探究

Do you want some rice? Yes please. No thank you. Can you run fast? Yes I can . No I can’t. 训练提升

一、将下列每组单词连成一句话,注意标点符号和大小写。 1 rowing they boat are a 2 doing are 3 am football I playing 4 go school to let’s 5 She hungry 二.将下列短语与汉语意思连线。 在英国 Chinese fast food 划龙舟 in England

中式快餐 some milk

在湖上 row a dragon boat 一些牛奶 on the lake 洗衣服 write a letter 写信 row a boat 划船 play the flute 跳得远 wash clothes 吹笛子 jump far 三、选择填空。

1. What are they doing? taijiquan. A they’re B They’re

2.a boat. A row B rowing 3.Look at the people A in B at 4.Have you got chopsticks in England? No ,we A have B haven’t

5. you want some noodles? Yes , please. A Are B Do

6. Can you play ? A football B the football 7.Can jump high? Yes ,she can. A he B she 8.Can Mary run fast? 。 A Yes B No 9. A play B do

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